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The Nine Big Lebowskis - AKA My 9 Toiders


Now I'm new to this whole blogging thing, so don't expect any level of formatting in this blog, I'm just here to talk about the 9 Destructoid members who've had the biggest impact on me. This is a tough list to make, because I really like you bastards. I even watched 50 Shades for you.

Number Nine, the Fat Fuck Himself, Mister Jim Sterling

Back in the magical year of 2010, I was introduced to the quirky little title Deadly Premonition, a game I had never heard of. At first I didn't really know what to think of it, it just seemed like a bad game with an alright sense of humor, but as I pressed on, it awakened a hunger for more knowledge of a game that I hadn't felt in years. And in my search, I discovered the equally quirky website I'm writing about now. Specifically, Jim Sterling's review of the game.

For a long time, I was just a lurker, here for Jim's articles, and rarely glanced at the comments. When Jim moved on, I didn't really want to leave. I had grown to really like this place, and almost always read the comments. So with Jim's leaving, I stayed, and moved my attention to the front page. Without Jim Sterling, I wouldn't have found this place, so hats off to the fat man.

Number Eight, Cannibal Steven

Yo. Nothing special to say about you, you're just a good person and really enjoyable company.

Number Seven, Cosmonstropolis
Refer to Number Eight.

Number Six, Jawsh Buttur Bawls

Number Five, GajKnight
Gaj, you're OG. I've seen you around Destructoid for a long time. And you're a funny guy. I've become a lot more comfortable with anime and other weird Japanese culture since I've arrived it Dtoid, and it's in no small part thanks to you. There's a world of quality content I ignored just because I thought it was weird or boring, but you've really opened me up to the stuff.

Number Four, Occams
You are insanely weird, and facilitate a lot of the sexiness that goes on here in the Destructoid Community. Life without you would be 50 shades grayer than they should be. Love you, Occams.

Number Three, Dreamweaver
You've been an extremely positive influence for me since I started blogging and commenting more, and one of the main reasons I've decided to stick my neck so deep into this cesspool is because of the comments you've left, and the brief back and forths we've had.

Number Two, Nekrosys
I made a Twitter account because of you. I hate Twitter, but you managed to trigger me into making one anyway. Bravo, slut. Bra-fucking-vo. And as with GajKnight, you helped open me up to anime, something I wouldn't otherwise have done.

Number One, the Sexy Corpse Himself, Phil Ken Sebben
I'd been around the block as a lurker and sometimes commenter for a long time, but what really drew me into the community was Phil. He challenged me for the right to use this profile picture, and that simple joke is what brought my flamboyant personality out. Without Phil, I may have abandoned Destructoid entirely years ago, and right now I'd be way more closed off. Thanks to him, I'm happy to call myself a member of this sexy site.

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