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Band of Bloggers: Fallout New Vegas


Private Luck reporting for dooty, sir! As the Barry Pepper within the Band of Bloggers, I'm content to sit and wait until I'm absolutely ready before I fire my bloggy load. However, with the deadline fast approaching and little time spent in game, I'm going to have to rattle off my thoughts so far.

I was wrong. Happy? I said this game wasn't worth my time. It soo was.

Embarrassingly, I've never played any Fallout game for more than fifteen minutes because of the slow start each game tends to have, by the time it gets going I've upped and gone to my kitchen for a snack.

Like a boss.

This was no different; I had to go through a one hour character customisation boss fight (which I eventually won) before I could go out and venture off into the world. And what a huge and vast world (area, not really a world) it is. Hollow, lifeless, and very brown. The post-war land stretches out quite far and has got me wondering just how far I'm allowed to go. So I checked the map on my Pip-Boy. Ugh. That's too far. And too much walking. To speed things along I am hoping I can ride on horseback, or use a vehicle, but that hasn't happened yet (I'm not very far into the game); I have seen a mutant two-headed buffalo thingy-ma-jig and some motorcycles, so I'm hoping it happens.

I'm trying to recall the story from memory so far but all I can remember is the amount of junk I've stolen. If kleptomania was on the skill tree I would have maxed it out by now. No joke. As soon as I started I took everything in the house – his plates, burnt books, medical instruments, even his toilet plunger. Hey, you never know! Of course I couldn't run anymore, but I didn't care because now I could open my own knick-knack store. Unfortunately, this negatively impacted my karma. Off to a bad start as usual, then.

First day was rough. I slept it off.

Got into a fight shortly after leaving the doctor's to begin my journey pursuing my nemesis. Some Geckos decided to make me their supper. I wasn't impressed. This battle was way more fun than I anticipated it would be, thanks to the rag-doll physics and limb dismemberment. After all that boring jammerin' back at the Doc's place, trying different parts and self-grooming, things were picking up. Ah, I thought, this is not going to be some boring point-and-click-dialogue-fest after all. Excellent!

The game looks really great, stuff looks stuff, and the whole thing sounds appropriately eery and ominous. The game's music fits really well with the environment. Additionally, the radio stations on the Pip-Boy are a hoot. I love the oldies belting out of it. They can get repetitive though. Some are really catchy. I got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle...

Shades, in the dark? Really?

Customisation features very heavily throughout and is very welcomed by me. As a fan of pimping my guns in games like Army of Two and Resident Evil 4, I love how you can play around with weapons', and character's, stats even if it all has very little real-world significance early on in the game. Giant Radscorpions can kiss my ass. For instance, I can spend ages finding parts to craft the perfect 10mm handgun in order to do optimal damage against these scorpions or I can save my time and use a stick of dynamite. Job done. (I'm guessing beyond normal mode these stats will start to matter more.)

Currently, in the game, I am on my way to Nipton in the Mojave Wasteland region. And I can't wait to see who and (more importantly) what I will find. So far, I passed a couple arguing but before I could intervene or assist, a wide-eyed Tomas rushed away from the corpse of a Jacklyn and towards me to explain himself. Turns out she was the bad kind of hitch-hiker (like Rutger Hauer). What stood out about this encounter wasn't the fatal tiff they had. Oh no. It was her fucking decapitated head rolling past me. Sheesh.

Rollin' rollin' rollin' Rawhide!

Fallout: New Vegas has pleasantly surprised me like money-down-your-sofa pleasantly surprises everyone. I think I may finish this one.

As for the BoB assignment? Having not played the game that much I cannot really attempt a fan-fiction, battle tactics or much else based on so little play time; but so far, I pretty much am my English gentlemanly self dressed in a zoot suit walking across the wastelands trying to stay alive so I can steal borrow cutlery and ingredients for tea. That's my narcissistic fiction. I'll let you know if I find biscuits too.

That's enough jibber-jabber from me, Private Luck. I'm going back in to finish my story. Back to the trenches, send reinforcements!

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