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Dear Mr. Summa: This is why we fact check.



And this is why we fact check Mr. Summa. You made your little "This is so sad, we are so sad, be sad cause we're sad" piece about Wu quitting Pax, without spending any effort to investigate, and now we see the threats were total BS made by some lazy comedian and even the tiniest bit of effort by a compitent reporter would have found this out. But no, you just repost like the rest instead of trying to actually find out the truth.

So another third party troll with no affiliation makes a threat and now the SJWs are threatening Connors' home and life because hack journalists lumped him in with GamerGate. The "peacefully progressive" SJWs have been sitting around, sharpening their knives, waiting for a target. WTG Mr. Summa, this is partially your fault.

Holmes, you're the head of this place, get your people to do their jobs with some level of compitence.

Props to BuzzFeed, the tabloid sludge they are, for atleast putting up an article stating that Connor's has no affiliation and was just doing it for the lulz. Congrats Destructoid, you're less credible than BuzzFeed!


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