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It's short, It's unfulfiling!


It's the best I can do.

Destructoid used to have a pretty cool little news show. We went to school to learn how to run a news station. Now I pull wire, and Ian is a mechanic, and we're trying to prove we didn't waste those formatitive years of our lives. This is my five inch dictation, which I rambled about at the tail end of Neiro's most recent blog. Hopefully I won't anger the recapper gods too much by just having these few sentances and this video.


While you're there watch some things about indie games on my channel, maybe even subscribe. We're gonna see if we can do one of these a week but no guarantees if you all tell me we blow ass in the comments.

We totally blow ass, just don't be such a dick and actually say it.

Oh and I completely started to play Fallout new vegas and be part of the merry band'o bloggers, but then I played alot of random greenlight stuff instead. His name was Unbuntu and he mostly threw spears, it would have been racist but he was asian. Maybe I'll go try to wrap that up.

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