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The Evolution of the Game Boy


In honor of the release of the new Nintendo 3DS, I decided to explore the history and evolution of the Game Boy. Here we'll see the changes in design and technology of every iteration of the Nintendo handheld family.

I probably should've called it the Evolution of the Nintendo Handheld, but I didn't want to include the Pocket Pikachus and Pokewalker and such. It would've killed the flow of the design work. Bad enough that the Virtual Boy and Micro were off the design path.
I know the current line aren't called Game Boys, but they are definitely the spiritual successors of the line. They certainly wouldn't be around if the Game Boy wasn't.
And the Game Boy wouldn't exist without the Game & Watch series. I generalized the Game & Watches because that could be a video all by itself since there are 60 different games. I know the dual screens influenced the DS line, but I went with "Ball" because it was the very first one.

To skip to the full morphing portion of the video:

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