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DC Universe Online Review (PS3/PS4/PC)


DC Universe Online has all the aspects of a fun game. With awesome gameplay and interesting graphics this game has surely been a crowd pleaser over the last few years.

DC Universe Online is a MMO-based game based on multiple DC superheroes and supervillains, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Lex Luthor and so much more. DC Universe Online is the first DC based video game turned into an MMO. Released in 2011, this game was released to mixed reception by gaming fans and critics alike, but through time with many DLC packs and many special offers, this game has turned into a game that will never be surpassed by the best of a Marvel MMO.

Wanna know why? The multiple storylines have brought DC's favourite superheroes together and placed them against supervillains that we all know and love. For this game to be successful, the number one priority was the gameplay. And the gameplay did not fail to impress. Though not the greatest gameplay that any MMO has ever had, this game's gameplay was enjoyable, long-lasting and, with several powers available, including Fire, Sorcery, Celestial, Rage and Quantum plus a hell of a lot more, this game does everything right to ensure a fun gameplay for all, whether they are your average person that has no idea what superheroes are, to the biggest fans of DC.

The storylines were the next most important, simply because anything involved with superheroes needs a great storyline. And again, Sony Online Entertainment did nothing wrong to ensure that gamers have interesting storylines, to combine with the awesome gameplay that was mentioned before. A good storyline can be, at times, the difference between an awesome game, and a horrible game.

And last, but not least, the graphics. Now, the graphics were not perfect, but you don't need the ultimate graphics, do have an awesome game right at your fingertips. The graphics actually fit well for an MMO video game, as not all MMO games have the perfect graphics, which a lot of you know by now. This game doesn't require graphics as amazing as CoD: Advanced Warfare, or the Batman Arkham series, but the graphics here put the icing on the cake, and ensured a fun game for all.

Whilst not the perfect gameplay, and not the perfect graphics, this game has done everything it needs to ensure a fun, everlasting enjoyment for people young and old, and a game that would be recommended to anyone, whether they are avid DC fans, or people just new to the superhero genre.

My rating: 8/10

Lachy Fisher

RadicalAjax Entertainment

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