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Band of Bloggers March Ideas & February Reminders


Stories from the Apocalypse

Hello friends!

We hope that you are all having a blast crafting your own apocalyptic stories in Fallout 3 & New Vegas! As the month is coming to a close, we just wanted to take a moment to remind you that blogs need to be posted by February 28th to ensure they make it into the BoB February Wrap-up. 

Remember, this blog can be about anything related to your experiences creating your story from the apocalypse! Write a fanfic, discuss your battle tactics, analyze how you relate to your character, or describe your inexplicable love for one of your followers! 

Can't tell if this is sexual or threatening. Threateningly sexual. Like this reminder. 

So now comes the ultimate question: What would you like to play in March? 

Please submit any ideas you have for the theme of the March Band of Bloggers games in the comments below, as well as any specific games that fall under your chosen category. As well, if you have any thoughts or opinions about future Band of Bloggers, please let us know! We hope that you have all had a blast playing through Fallout and we can't wait to see what you decide to write!

Game Together!

p.s. Has anyone dared tackle Final Fantasy XIII-2 with us? I'm still working through it...but I know at least one person has finished it. 

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