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Happy Anniversary Dtoid: The Magnificent Nine


I've only just celebrated my one year anniversary here at Destructoid; I officially signed up in February 2014 after lurking for a couple of years in awe of the GIF bombs in the front page articles comments' sections. It's been good so far.

I don't like outstaying my welcome so I'll keep this brief. Thinking of nine Dtoiders that shaped me over the past months is daunting, as you know. Nine wise men and women that have touched me in a way that has brought out the spiritual Hawkman in me, and made me soar higher than I've ever soared before? A blog about nine fantastical beings of angelic valour and honour that have drawn the best from me? Yeah, that is going to be not happening. Instead, I'm going talk about my first proper year here and try not to mention anyone. Otherwise someone will be upset. Like the guy scrolling through this right now looking for their name. It's not here, bub!

In Feb '14, a certain Shadaloo-er angered me so much that I was forced to come out of lurking and make an account. Because of him I had to fill out a form. There were questions! I had to think! Damn it. And him! After the interrogation I had become a Dtoider. Say it slow. A. Dtoider. Nice. Turning my attention back to the dictator, I thought about how I was going to reply. Embarrass him? Call him out? Swear at him! Fart and throw it at the screen hoping he'd smell it?! Once I had wiped, flushed and regained my composure I decided to jump into the comments and call him out about his unwise words. I posted a picture of The Dude saying 'that's your opinion, man'. To be non-confrontational. I grew to understand him better over time and he's not so bad. Let's move on from this as I can sense the stirring out there. He is like Marmite.

From there I met several dozen posters who I spent a great deal of time shooting shit with. There are posters out there (hopefully reading) that made me laugh with their words, and humbled me with their friendliness which they kindly fanned towards me. I cannot name them all because I would break the 9 limit. (Shit, I just realised that could be a 'over 9000' joke.) I don't want to leave anyone's name out as it would just not be fair.

However, quite a few of these fellow Dtoiders were also doing else something on the side that I would fall in love with – blogging.

At one point I had grown tired of some of the behaviour on the front page and took a step back from the pettiness. I wondered into the sidebar and was met with something heartfelt and personal. I think I found something better than Spiderman .JPG threads. The community blogs. The c-blogs are very powerful at times and at other times oh-so-silly and sometimes funny. And sometimes they can be shit. That rarely lasts, though, as something will come along and restore balance.

Do I mention staff? Is that ass-kissy? Screw it. Most started as commentators and evolved. Therefore the staff here is great, even the ones that left. Here, they are more than just a name and a email or twitter link. They are Dtoiders, too. I'm fortunate to have had some sort of contact with just about all of them so I can say I really like them (mwah mwah oh, this is ass-kissy, darn it). I'm trying to give everyone here a fair shake (willy joke) and I want to include just about everyone because... I want to. Leave no-one behind (ass joke).

Truly everyone has affected me here. Not just the ones I have had contact with; but also the ones still out there who have yet to, but will soon one day impress us with their (intro) blog. That's why it's too difficult to pick just nine of you. You have all encouraged me. Shaped me. Dtoid'd me. To stay. To come back the next day for more. For the Destruction of discussion, decadence and dicks. I mean cocks.

Whoops, I said I'd keep this brief, but I can't name nine Dtoiders. I won't. I say nein to nine! I'd rather forfeit the badge.

If you've ever had a conversation with me, I love you. And if it was remotely positive, I really mean it - I love you.

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