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Love/Hate- Nintendo


Hello D-toider's! It's been far too long. Work has been crazy busy lately so between that and my youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTZ-EXTkaIg, how's that for a shameless plug) I haven't had as much time as I would truly like to keep up my blog. But! Things are starting to slow down which means I can continue writing for you lovely lovely readers.

So! What's today's topic? Well, if you read the title It's about Nintendo. Specifically how I love and hate them and often times I do it simultaneously.

If you've read my blog you may remember me ranting and raving about how I thought the big N killed it with their Direct last month. I still think that that was a solid press release and I believe they will have a solid year. I have no doubt of that. My beef is, I want to support Nintendo, but their various policies and practices have made it very hard to do that.

First up, this previous Friday Nintendo released the unfortunately titled New Nintendo 3DS. Now cut back to 4 years ago when the OG Nintendo 3DS was released. I was able to walk right into Gamestop, drop my $249 and buy my Teal 3DS. Silly me for thinking that this would be the case second time around. Friday evening me and my girlfriend drove up to Gamestop. When I arrive to the store I go to the counter and simple ask to purchase a New 3DS. Then I found out that not only were the Limited Edition versions of the system pre-order only, the actual New Red and New Black versions of the system were pre-order only as well. Not just at this Gamestop, but every Gamestop in my area. Same with every Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart within a 25 mile radius of where I live. Now, I could kind of understand the limited quanties of the limited editions. The word limited is in their name. But there no was mention from Nintendo or retailers that the actual, core system would be available in limited quantities upon release. I mean 300,000 were sold this weekend which is not a large number for a console release. The New 3DS probably could've hit 500-750,000 units sold had it been properly stocked.

I think this is rediculous honestly. Nintendo is a first party. Is it wrong for me to assume that I should be able to purchase their product when I want to? I ran into this same problem trying to purchase Fire Emblem: Awakening. I went to every store in my area looking for it only to be told that I had to pre-order if I wanted a copy. Now, if this was a Atlus or NIS game, I'd understand. Those are niche titles. But this is goddamn Nintendo. House of Mario. The company most synchronized with gaming by the mass public and their products are harder to obtain than a niche anime fighter that couldn't even afford localization. Isn't something wrong there?

My other beef with Nintendo is the announcement of their YouTube policies. Now had EA, Microsoft or Ubisoft announced these policies, I wouldn't be shocked. I'd be just as mad, but not shocked. Simply because they have the market value to do that. Their games sell and their systems sell. The Wii U hasn't even hit 10 million units sold. I was going to pick up a Wii U to show off the new Nintendo games like Splatoon and Mario Party 10 on one of the shows I'm launching this month. Effectively giving Nintendo free advertising if the shows did well. Then Nintendo had to get greedy. Yes it's better than the 100% they were taking but it's still bad. The way I see it is this. I bought your system, I bought your game. Now you're telling me I can't use it however I want, without your expressed consent. It clashes both with the idea of ownership and also it raises some ethics questions. If I were to do a negative review of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse would they not approve my video? Even though it's a review? There are so many questions brought up by this that it discouraged me from trying to make Nintendo content. It's already hard to launch a channel, I don't want Nintendo making that harder when all I wanted to do was show how fun their games are.

 Hell, watching Let's Play's of Smash Bros and Bayonetta 2 sold me on the system. It's not like the free advertising arguement is BS. Given the Wii U's dismal performance 3 years, Nintendo should be honoring and thanking the community that has celebrated and stuck with their system.

I want to like Nintendo. I really do. I don't like that my genuine excitement for the New 3DS is tempered by the frustration of getting it. I want to make videos showing fun Wii U and Virtual Console games but I don't want to deal with the hassle of getting it approved. I want Nintendo to effectively evolve with the times and become the company that valued it's consumer base. I love you Nintendo, but god damn sometimes you frustrate me.

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