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Occam Thoughts: Statues (image heavy)


Hello everyone.  Monday, Monday to quote the Mamas & the Papas.  As I sit here trying to wipe the sleep from my eyes and clear the cob webs from my brain, I think about the truly important things in life: stuff!  Context alert: What is life but a prolonged shopping trip?  Say this at the mall and you are a vacuous consumer whore, say that in the neonatal unit at a hospital, you are a person of interest. 

In the spirit of stuff, I would like to share some of my stuff with you!  I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me. Also, please excuse the dust.  As much as I love collecting things, their is an equal yet diametrically opposed feeling of disdain for cleaning these shelves.

So here we have my Terminator skull.  Its actually the collector's edition for Terminator 2 on blu-ray they released a few years back which makes it one of the best collector's editions ever.  You press a button and the eyes light up and it makes noise.  Everything should have light up eyes and noise.  Also of note is my baby skull model and a plastic lady torso toy.  Obviously those two do not need any sort of explanation.


Next up we have the Nurse from Silent Hill.  This was a birthday present from my badass girlfriend and is one of my favorite pieces in the collection.  There is a criminially small amount of Silent Hill statuary and displayable trinkents and doo dads.  So owning this is a very lovely thing in my waking world.  You will also note the toys strewn about the Nurse's shapely legs.  More on that next.


Tiny plastic toys!  Oh the joys of Ebay!  I love tiny things.  

(Glance back up to the baby skull and stares longingly)

Ebay is a lovely resource for finding cheap figurines devoted to all sorts of fun stuff.  Lately, its been anime figurines.  Dragon Ball, Evangelion, Death Note, um...other stuff.  Yeah, pretty much any figurine that catches my eye and is reasonably priced I will bite.


Next up we have the Last of Us clicker bust. I pre-ordered this many moons ago and forgot about it. Then it arrived and my heart was filled with glee.  The picture here doesn't do it justice.  There's moss on the base which is a nice little touch and the line of spit on the mouth is a solid string.  What a lovely feature!  This really captures the essence of the horror and tragedy of the Clickers and its utterly beautiful to me.



This a giant demon turtle who has a bunch of people bones embedded all over it.  I think its pretty self-explanatory as to why this sits on my shelf. 


This one holds a very special place in my heart.  What you see here is a Handyman statue my girlfriend made for me.  She even made the blue coat that is permanently half on.  This was made from scratch and I cherish it. 



An oldie but a goodie, my Dtoid bobble head sits proudly on the shelf.  I hope they make more of these one day.  I was thrilled to get my hands on one last time they produced them.  


Here's Death from SOTA Toys.  He's really neat.  I love different takes on classic stuff.  So instead of the well-known grim reaper on his skeletal horse, we have a twist.  Death is kinda a mummy demon thing which is fun.  His steed is something really special.  Skeleton horse head but underneath the shroud covering it is hell pouring out.  Pay attention to all the fun critters on the base.  Here are some other photos for details:


So here are some of the statues and figures and things I have acquired recently.  I hope you enjoyed looking at them with me.  I have another blog planned for art books that I'll try to get up this week.  Have a lovely day!

- Sent from my Lisa Frank Dungeon

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