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A New Year and an Update! School, Games, and Manga!


Hey guys and also Happy New Year to all reading this! Dang 2015 looks like its a got a lot in store for me; be it life, school, and of course games! To be productive lazy I'm just gonna categorize everything to make writing this and reading it ten times simpler.

School + Job Future

I can't believe I'm at the home stretch of school! ONLY ONE MORE CLASS!!!! You don't understand how excited I am that's it over; college made me hate school though at the same time it made me adjust to certain changes a persona must go through when they don't have a clear picture in life. I'm going to get my degree in Economics and right now I am planning on looking for a bank job coming out, an analyst job, or even *gulp* getting a Master's.

Right now the only things I have lined up for me after college is the fact that I know the head recruiter of Nintendo (you may have heard of them) though I will need a little bit more juice on my resume in order for me to really get their interest. And the other thing I have going is I have completed nearly all the steps to becoming a New York City Fire Fighter and while I never saw myself doing this, its an opportunity I cannot let pass up. Hopefully I'll figure out my life in a few months....*laughs nervously*

Games, Twitch, and YouTube

This is the important part that we all care about! So far I would say my gaming 2014 last few months came to a pretty bad end, in a way of slowing down and not playing that much and not beating that many games. It's not that I was bored (well I was due to The Witch and the Hundred Knight and Tales of Symphonia HD being terrible games that made me not want to play) but its just I was lazy/focused on other things. After the disappointing Mario Kart 8, I got back into it with many Vita greats like: Y's Memories of Celceta, Persona 4 Golden Velocity 2X, and Dangan Ronpa 2. Then I finally platinumed that crappy Witch and the Hundred Knight game to get my way to Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD where I am currently 1/3 done with the game (Terra completed, Ven now, Aqua last cause she's terrible and secret final mix ending).

But in reality the real reason I have been too slow on my games is due to my venture into pro Super Smash Bros. I got into the scene at the end dead life days of Brawl and from there met a few people like DKWill and XFIRE's Vinnie. Since the 3DS came out, my brother and I (Joey/Gohan and myself) have been nonstop grinding and in fact have gotten picked up from a team and met even more new faces, placing high in tourneys, meeting many pros (Keitaro, Nakat, Dabuz, and others are good friends now), and winning money! (at some not most lol) .  So, also blame my game progress on that! [this part is semi-irrelevant with the APEX blogs out]

SuperNintenBros has been on a halt of Let's Plays and more of random good uploads; we're looking to change that though we don't want to waste the classics while we're only at the mid 300's. Our goal is to hit 1000+ before we hit 9 months and we can definitely do that.

On the other hand our Twitch has hit over 1200 followers and we are seriously looking really hard for that sub button! It's my goal and I really want cool funny emotes where people can spam it and have mega fun with it! Twitch is really cool and Smash has been my ace in the hole, though sometimes I really can't take the people who come on the stream. But, once we get a lot and a huge following, I won't have to worry about viewers lol.

If you guys have YouTube suggestions or advice, please comment or message it to me! I would love to hear that, requests for games, or anything in general to get the cogs moving in the machine!

Anime+ Manga

Well this category is definitely the weak spot, for myself not in the genre itself! My anime/manga game has been pretty weak and has falling into never watching anything new and reading only Shonen Jump manga like Fairy Tail, Bleach, and the great One Piece. The other mangas I keep up with RARELY update: Noragami, Ao No Exorcist, etc. and it's mega hard to constantly go back and check them even though after reading one chapter I'm always hungry for more.

I did start the Kingdom Hearts manga, which makes you read left to right (wth!?) but I've been enjoying it plus its a bit more mature than the games which is cool (Donald curses and a few other things). I do recommend it to all KH fans and to others who are looking to get into manga, though at the same time I don't really count it as manga.

Anyone have any good anime to watch or a way to get back into anime? I wanted to watch SAO 2, DRRR!! x 2, and a few others but I don't know! Games have a little more priority than anime for me.

Well's that the yearly update, on Joey's side he's back from surgery (torn labrum) and spring workouts and the spring game are coming up for Football.


Michael Troina plays games for his Twitch Channel EVERYDAY @ Troyfullbuster and his Youtube Channel: SuperNintenbros  that is only if you want to watch awesome and funny gaming videos with full walkthroughs, unboxings, and laughs! You can also find Mike and SNB on Facebook by liking the page! Thanks guys!

- It'd be cool to find me on Youtube GAMEMEN / SNBGaming64 and waste your time watching guides and couch co-op <3 thanks.

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