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Occam Thoughts: Monthly Musings


Hello everyone.  How are you today?  Well I hope.  I wanted to talk a bit today about musings.  Musing that occur monthly.  I know January was sorely lacking and that’s on me.  The waking world devoured my mind and I was lost for a bit.  Thankfully this month Luna Sy stepped up and gave his a lovely topic.  But as I think ahead to the future months (note to self: Future Months is a good band name) I want to start planning more topics.  That’s where all of you come in.  You fine folks write the blogs.  What would you like to write about?  What kind of topics do you think would get a good response?  I’ve read your writing.  You are passionate and intelligent people.  I’d love to hear from you.

Been really into Warhammer 40K lore lately.

Now I’m not asking you to do Cblog team’s job for us.  I wanted to include the community in this process as it’s such a community driven experience.  It was suggested to me that the musings could expand beyond the video game realm.  I don’t know if that’s something that would pull away from the video game theme that Destructoid is all about but I think as a community, it would be interesting to read.  So let me know your thoughts on NVGR topics too.  Maybe something like the top 10 blogs or fetish blogs (looooooooooove those!) or what your other hobbies/interests are.


Like...super into 40K lore.


The Cblog team wants this space to be a place where the community can come together, share, discuss, debate, laugh, cry and squirm as the sex heat rises from their laps.  The cblogs are so special and they should thrive with the community’s support.  So let us know in the comments what sort of topics you would like to see in the future.  I can’t promise they will all be used but I can promise that they will all be discussed and considered.



- Sent from my Lisa Frank Dungeon

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