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(VIDEO) Persona 5cast: Me and two friends analyze the new trailer


That first blog I did on Persona 5 was a thing. This is a much MUCH better thing. That's not just my opinion. My mother told me she enjoyed it as well. 

This is mine and Travis' first podcast, with Rodkey having not only some experience but quite a bunch! He still runs the Comedy Button Facebook group/Twitter, edits videos for various outlets, knows Max Scoville (!), and is currently even applying for a job at IGN. He's probably our most famous face/voice/blob. 

Since Rodkey had to leave some time into the podcast, things got considerably less analytical for a while until we got back into the groove by the time we began answering questions (which I really should've done here as well, but didn't think about it). But, enough negative. We have a lovely discussion as a whole and even, at one point, talk about men with vaginas. That's a major positive. 

Hope you guys enjoy! If I do say so myself, I find it thoroughly entertaining even as someone who can't stand the sound of his own voice. 

This may become a semi-regular thing. Like once every several months. But, that's unlikely. It's very rare that something like this gets me passionate enough to set aside a whole 30min-1hr+ discussion to it. 

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