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The Road to APEX 2015 Day 2 Leveling Up


Part 1

Well I was originally going to part 2 up before the tournament but I didn't have time and well here we are the Monday after APEX.

The Release of the Wii U

Most of you guys know around myIGN that my brother and I got to meet Reggie Fils-Aime and play the Super Smash Bros Wii U version earlier than most. When the game officially launched, Joey and I were able to pick it up a few hours early from the Nintendo World Store (due to connections!) and man....that line if we would have waited. Seriously, it seemed even bigger than the Pokemon X & Y world release, as the block was jam-packed on both sides and I think even across the street! But, after a grueling ride back to Queens from Manhattan, getting home to play the glory that was the new Super Smash Bros was fantastic! The big thing though, was that KTAR XI was being hosted that weekend and that was the tournament to really make some noise. Over 300 entrants for Smash 4 and a lot of big names there, made it the place to be heard/found/seen!

Two days of training would never be enough, but the game was close enough to the 3DS (so we thought) that we thought we had some chance. Luckily, some of Joey's predictions were correct and a lot of scrubs were there so the competition wasn't that bad; but still big names like Jtails (who is a good friend btw), M2K, Keitaro, Dabuz, etc. were still going. However, the tournament organization was terrible and after we did the 4v4's, where we met TheRapture (stream coordinator for APEX), and Juice.Doom/Max Ketchum, as well as Gears of War legend/pro FatalStryke; we were forced to wait 8 hours before our pools were announced. The worst part was that Joey, our friend Rashad, and I were in the same pool due to no seeding! They let us fix that but both Joey and I lost in Losers Finals in our pools and got tied for 33rd, aka didn't make it to the Final 32/Smash Boards points/ VGBC stream. That loss stung and honestly pissed us both off to the point where we noticed that it was time to step our game.

Now, our first tournament for the Wii U in this new "power up mode" was actually two weeks after the release and KTAR XI, where a friend was hosting a local at a game store, in which we thought we would just give it a shot. Heading over, Joey introduced me to a Sonic he lost to at a tournament a month ago for the 3DS, Blue Terrorist. Joey said that kid was the road blocking us to winning some free money at the local scene. Ironically, Joey called it correct as I lost to BlueTerrorist in Winners Semis and Joey to him in Winners Finals and Grand Finals (after Joey beat me to get to GF). [Here is the tournament link] From there, we realized we needed to step up our game even higher from the 3DS; we started asking people about matchups, testing them out, and learning more tecs (like Perfect Pivoting). Joey went to more XFIRE locals and was training with Vinnie and DKWill to try and get to the next level, while I just practiced with Phil and myself when I had the time. The next tournament for us on the Wii U was a long island local, Smash the Halls, where we thought we were going to win until XFIRE Vinnie showed up. We hosted the tournament through our stream and I thought I was going to do bad, considering I didn't know the competition and the meta-game evolving, but that ended up not being the case. In fact, Joey said besides Vinnie there was another player to watch out for, Cyberman65, who Joey knew from XFIRE local's and a Sonic main as well. Both Joey and I defeated Cyberman65, and in fact Joey even ended up 3-0'ing Vinnie in Winner's Finals! However, Vinnie came back to beat me in Losers Finals, and resetted the bracket on Joey and then beat him 3-2 for 1st. So, once again we ended up 2nd and 3rd.

[The tournament: Smash the Halls link results here]

Joey's/Gohan 3-0 on Vinnie

My set/Troyfullbuster vs Cyberman65

It's about damn time and getting picked up by a team

The new year hit in and Joey and I were just hitting our Smash stride. We had our eyes on a big tournament hosted by TheRapture and Juice.Doom (now Max Ketchum) and streamed by Team Sp00ky (the famous FGC streamer). The tournament is hosted near Brooklyn and was the spot for the people who are the Nebulous crew (NinjaLink, MikeKirby, John Numbers) as their venue was down for repairs. The preparation was real and the tournament actually turned out to be huge with a $750 pot (250 bonus) where we had to cut people's brackets to keep it a large local 50 max entrants! That tournament, which you can find on YouTube, was where Joey went H.A.M. and could have done better than the 5th place he got ($50-70 bucks) because of an unlucky break on a counter in Delfino. Seriously, Joey got robbed and could have made it top 3 where competition also included Orion! (who Joey lost to in Winners Semis). That tournament for me made me realize my Rosalina and Luma weakness (blame Dabuz people) and honestly had me looking for a counter-character pick against her. Luckily, I got to watch a tournament that Joey and I didn't go to (bad weather) where famous Smasher ANTI, attended one of Keitaro's locals and bopped the competition! His match vs Dabuz was on stream and I watched how he won with Mario, and that really gave me the answer I was looking for; my secondary can beat this character!

During our whole time training, FatalStryke, who is apparently great friends with a lot of the Long Island guys, decided to create a Smash team featuring big names like: DKWill, Vinnie, KirinBlaze, ANTI, and more, asked if Joey and I wanted to join in because we've been working our ass off and he noticed us moving in the ranks. I know everyone wants to be picked up by ClashTournaments or VGBC first, but to be actually picked up by a team and getting team jersey's really meant a lot to Joey and I! Now, after being picked up our first ever tournament as a member of # iQHQ was upon us as that same friend was hosting a tournament at the same venue (the local). Word was BlueTerrorist was going to be there and this was a test for Joey and I, to see if we actually have improved.

Upon arriving at the scene, we also saw JohnNumbers there (the kid who beat Joey at the Next Level Team Spooky tournament by the lucky counter), and so we realized competition would be a little steeper this time.

Not that it mattered; as BlueTerrorist was "upset" right away in his first round! All that Sonic practice was for naught! And then John Numbers was upset by this player named 5 Salads, and everything Joey and I thought, as in who we would play and what strategies to use, was for nothing! I had to face 5 Salads as Joey waited for me in Winner's Finals, and much to my dismay 5 Salads was a Rosalina and Luma main. For game 1 I decided to go my main and use Diddy, in which I barely lost, but I counter-character picked and used the Anti strategy....and was able to win the next two games! My Rosalina troubles were over and man I barely won that game 2, that game was one of the most hype games I've ever played!

After Joey beat me 3-1, though I SHOULD HAVE WON GAME 3 with my Ganondorf over his Captain but blah...whatever. I had to fight John Numbers in losers finals where at first I thought I would use Sonic. Now, this game meant a lot more to Joey because he was still pissed at him for that loss, but I was the one who had to the avenging. Game 1 I got 2-stocked from his Shulk with my Sonic, so I went back to my main in Diddy and saw right through his strats. Boom, I won three straight as Diddy and I was going to Grand Finals with my brother! Guaranteed winner for one of us and the best part is we both would get in top 2! Joey went on to beat me handily in GF, as my emotions were low after such a high (that win was for Joey man!).


Other than that Joey and I have made some new combo videos which we would love for you to check out and enjoy! TELL US YOUR FAVORITE ONES PLEASE! (don't worry I'll have another blog highlighting them specifically)

My combo video/Troyfullbuster

Joey/Gohan combo video

Now, we're off to APEX 2015 and sleeping in a friends hotel for the first day! Our first match is the first wave in the first pools at 9am! Wish us luck we want to make it out of pools and maybe even more!


You can find Mike, Joey, and Phil at SNBGaming64 our YouTube channel for all our wacky adventures or catch us livestreaming on Twitch, just kicking ass and playing Smash!

- It'd be cool to find me on Youtube GAMEMEN / SNBGaming64 and waste your time watching guides and couch co-op <3 thanks.

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