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Next Madden Game to Feature Incompetent Playcalling


Mere moments after the end of Super Bowl 49, Electronic Arts announced a new feature that will be coming to its next Madden game: Incompetent Playcalling.

“We always think of new ways to innovate each and every Madden title we produce,” Madden 15 assistant producer Jake Stein said. “Last year we added Player Lock from NCAA Football 2014. For our next game we’re going to give players the opportunity to call fucking stupid plays in easy win situations.”

Stein said the new feature was inspired by Seattle’s decision to not go with the top scoring running back on the one yard line and instead attempt a pass in the final seconds of the Super Bowl. That pass was picked off and Seattle lost the game.

“A play call as monumentally stupid as that happens in the NFL, and now with our new dunce engine, those types of idiotic, unbelievable, you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me,  pants-on-head-re****ed plays can happen in your Madden match-ups.”

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