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You Can't Say That! # 12


Hello all! I'm back with another contest. Last time was on xmas day FFS! Two lucky winners have walked away with a copy of The Witcher 3 and Cuphead. This week it's back to the random cheap shit goodies!

Hope you're all well and dandy. Allow me to quickly offer a brief personal catch up.

I am bored and tired of work lately and have hit a wall. I don't want to do much these days but sleep. I keep wondering where the hours are disappearing to; I was going to use them to do stuff, but too late they're gone.
The 3 mile walk to work has helped me lose weight and I am getting svelte like a reserve Chippendale. I said reserve. 8(

Been trying to catch up with all the blogs that get published as usual so try not to be too surprised when I finally get around to commenting. I am the tortoise.

Had to stomach saying goodbye to a few friends this week who left for better opportunities and new adventures. Wish I was going with them. Soon. Save that money.

I still have to play my Secret Santa gift from the always awesome El Dango. Ha. No, I will find time to play it, I promise. (Shit why'd I type that out now I have to do it.)

If you have not mounted a Dtoider in recent weeks, what are you doing with your life? Grab a copy of the game (Mount Your Friends), some baby oil, snap on a thong (sorry, muscley bro pants) and get busy. I want to link Stan Bush's "You Got The Touch" but I don't want to associate the nightmares with the song. Too late?

Incidentally, I just got 'round to watching Battleship and enjoyed it. Not as much as say "Leon", but still I liked it. I don't know what's wrong with me neither.

Let's get silly!

Simple game: I regularly post a picture, you caption it.

The winner is the comment with the most upvotes. The winner will also receive a prize for their efforts.


What is this?

 something evil is going on!

You can if you want but there's no need to save the picture and graft text on to it, just leave your captions (in your own style) in the comments below, kinda like so:

Comment example:

Barry: "Blah."
Jill: "Blah."



1. Sometimes you should just say 'fuck this, I'm done' and walk away.

2. Never lose your cool.

3. Don't feel a ounce of guilt for having a pizza after a chinese takeaway. You deserve it.

4. If all roads lead to Rome, what was the point of building them?

5. If have still not taken your xmas decorations down you will be neutralised.

Caption Competition is open to all globally. That includes this drawing of the A-Team van.


Last time's winner is... Tonich!

Tonich makes his weight known to all that he is a heavy hitter pressuring for victory! Well done! You win The Witcher 3!

Nanashi takes the runner up prize, a copy of Cuphead!


A quick message to all the lovely folks who take time to read my blogs: thank you. If you've read this blog then please upvote people making captions. No need to fap (heart) this blog but please do check back and upvote the partcipants. I thank you, kindly.

Why is there music? To help get your creative juices flowing and you all fired up to make awesome captions. This week I'm back on the Tycho teat, I just can't stop enjoying this artist's work.

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