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PS Friday Night Fights: (Big Bad Bill) Is Sweet William Now Edition


It’s a little weird that the newest guy to join the FNF blog team would be the one eulogizing “Chilly” Bill Platt. I don’t know the guy well. I know his nickname makes him seem like a background character in Top Gun. I know he’s an absurd Nintendo fanatic. I also know he has a kid arriving shortly so it only makes sense that he’d step back to put his affairs in order given his life is basically over now. He’s got a real life Tamagotchi on it’s way so that will take up a lot of valuable gaming and Amiibo shopping time.

So fare thee well, ChillyBilly. I will always remember the one time I played with you. It was a game of Battlefield 4 that was just about to end. You didn’t join the party and got sorted onto the opposing team. I fragged you with a pistol and then left to play Warframe. The End. See you in the Basement, big guy! Good luck with the kid.

In the meantime, our new Community Playdate Manager is Mike “PhilKenSebben” Martin. I hope you brought lube because you can’t borrow mine. (Yes, I have lube. Lots of lube. I’m like a sexual MacGyver.)

So, anyway… games!

The Defenestrator

Welcome to the Playstation side of Friday Night Fights! Every Friday, members of the community get together online to play games and all you need to join is a user account. Down below, you'll find a list of games that we'll play tonight along with the times they'll start, the people that you should hit up for invites, and any other information that you may need.

If you want to play, leave a comment with the games from the schedule you want to play and your PSN name. You should also send a PSN friend request to the host and mention your username here in the message so they know you're one of the cool people and not just some random friend request.

If your favorite game isn't on the schedule, host it yourself! You just need to give us the game, start time, and your PSN name so people know what, when and who. It's also wise to list DLC requirements, game or server names, and anything else people might need to join just so you don't need to message it to everyone individually. Last minute additions in the comments here are fine, but games can also be added earlier in the week by visiting the forums and finding the thread with the coming Friday's date. Adding a game there ensures it's on the blog from the moment it goes up.

BlazBlue Chronophantasma Clockwork-Zombie 7:00 Clockwork-Zombie Get #REKT

The Last Of Us: Remastered Nanashi 8:00pm Nanashi707 Buy a hat. Hats are cool. You want a hat.

Call Of Duty: Aardvark Warfare KymikoLoco 9:00 KymikoLoco Kim will be streaming, so watch her kill everything if you can’t join yourself. Twitch: KymikoLoco

Battlefield 4 Nanashi 10:00pm Nanashi707 Battlefriends!

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Clockwork-Zombie 11:00 Clockwork-Zombie

Warframe Trev 11:00 ElZilcho Space Ninja Death Machine Party


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Welcome to the home of PlayStation Friday Night Fights.

Friday Night Fights is a weekly event where we, community members, cooperate with or murder each other online. There is a forum thread for planning and then a blog post here with the final schedule. Keep an eye out for both them if you want to play some games.

If you are new to the whole thing, check this out: FNF FAQ: Everything you need to know (but never asked) about Friday Night Fights

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� Keep yourself up to date on the schedule. The list in the forums can change several times throughout the week.

� Leave a message with your PSN name and which games from the schedule you want to play. More people will play if other people are playing, so speak up.

� Send a PSN friend request to the person hosting the game which includes a message with your Dtoid name. If you leave out who you are on the site, they might think you're just a random friend request and ignore you.

To Host

� If you want your game listed on the schedule, we need the game, the time, and your PSN ID. We need the specific game, not an abbreviation that applies to more than one; a start time, even if you're playing "all night"; and we need your PSN ID even if you think we know it already.

� Don't worry about hosting the same game or hosting a game at the same time as someone else. Instead, think of it like a movie theater; more than one game can run at the same time.

� Make sure you have at least an hour to play. That's only two or three matches of the average shooter and those go by pretty quick.

� Check the comments, on both the forum post and the cblog when it goes up on Friday, to see if someone has said they'll play. You might have missed their PSN message or your friend list might be full.