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My Brother's and I Journey to APEX Part 1: The Beginning


Wow APEX is this week and I'm still a little shocked. This Friday and Saturday (and hopefully Sunday) you will be seeing the tags IQHQ| Troyfullbuster and IQHQ| Gohan competing at APEX, a Super Smash Bros. National Tournament! It's funny, I saw Joey and I (Mike) being there but to think it would happen this quickly is kind of cool. Yes, anyone can sign up for APEX but it's just that, our growth in the Pro Smash game has come far and we've only been at it for 6 months (which is funny because when we talk to other pros they are shocked we have only been playing for a short amount of time).

Before I get into other stuff let's talk about the beginning aka the Summer of 2014. Consistently playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl with my best friend Phil for the last 1.5 years, with inclusions of Joey (of course), and two other friends Rory and Sean; we finally thought it was time for us to compete in tournaments, we finally had the illusion we were good. Now remember two things: Brawl is considered dead and we have never entered any tournament ever, even a local. After playing nearly everyday and certainly every weekend, we went to the Best Buy E3 event and obviously were there to enjoy some demos of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS.

Here's an old Brawl matchup (don't sub to this Youtube channel! It's old and abandoned!)

Wait...that's not a tournament!

You're right because there was when we actually got into the tournament scene! Our friend Rory recognized a top 8 APEX finalist and Clash Tournament sponsored Vinnie (CT XFIRE| Vinnie) currently the #9 Brawl player in the entire world! From there we also met his friend, who was working the event, the found of XFIRE Long Island and head T.O. for APEX 2015 Dul (the Dul0R). After chatting for a bit and of course playing the demo, they told us to come down to deep Long Island for a tournament they were hosting to celebrate Brawl (well its second to last tournament). Unfortunately, I cannot find the bracket but let me tell you the butt whooping we all took there. I did a win a few compared to Phil, Sean, and Rory and Joey (who was the worst at the time) improved so greatly and did fantastic in both the mid-tier only tourney and the real one, but alas we came in the 13th-17th range (Joey and I).

From there the grind never stopped for Joey and myself and we told ourselves to forget Brawl and put all our money on Smash 4. From there, we bought a Japanese 3DS, got more friendly with big competitors (especially the Long Island people like DKWill, Mr. E, Vinnie) and really just played the game. The next tournament we went to I did a bit better than Joey, placing tied for 9th in a bracket with the said names and Mew2King, Jtails, and other big names. That tournament which was also hosted by XFIRE and in fact streamed by D1 (big-time Smash announcer) was where we first leveled up. (CrossFire 4 Bracket here)

However, even through all our grinding on the 3DS we never won any tournament on it, though Joey did get second place at a XFIRE local/weekly and won money! That marked the first time either Troina ever won money at a Smash tourney and/or even placed in top 3! It was such a great day and to see my brother get to that level at the time (it was October people! Smash 3DS had a life span of Sept-Nov). The 3DS for me was a stepping stone as I became good friends with Jtails and Clash Tournament's Keitaro (who is really awesome and friendly). It taught me to constantly improve and the speed at which pro's play at!

On a random side note, it makes sense to why his tag was Gohan, he's always been that younger one who just ascends to greatness, be it in football (D1 scholarship) or even Smash; however I can't let my little brother beat me for too long! And even though we're brothers my old tag used to be Goku, but now I rock Troyfullbuster, though occasionally will throw Goku on my Smash tag in a game. The reason is because Goku is my idol and has always trained to get stronger as well as be someone who fights for what he protects while being confident in himself; but that's a story for another time!

Here's our old 3DS Combo

Catch Part 2 sometime this week with the arrival of where we are now and where Super Smash Bros Wii U /the console version has taken us!


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