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The Best OST of 2015: Masashi Hamauzu (The Legend of Legacy)


The Legend of Legacy just came out in Japan on 01/22/15, and was released with a small 10 track "mini-OST" previewing the game's full OST.  The full OST releases on 02/25/15 in Japan, and was composed by Masashi Hamauzu, famous for his work on Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lightning Returns, Final Fantasy X, Brave Fencer Musashi, and many other games.  I personally hold up the FFXIII OST as the best video game OST ever created, and Hamauzu as the single most talented individual involved in game music today.  This new OST sampler reveals without any room for doubt that this is his next full blown follow up to Final Fantasy XIII, and just these 10 tracks have some of the most breathtaking, and striking music I've ever heard in gaming.

I strongly urge all of you to listen to these tracks on nice headphones, and to keep coming back to them over and over in the coming days.  This is the best music you will hear in gaming in 2015.  The arrangements, the sheer quality of the recording, the layering of electronic drumming, and ambience with strings; it's literally unmatched.  Hamauzu's music requires a little more effort from the listener to truly appreciate; it's deeper, more sophisticated, more intricate, more subtle, more layered, with less obvious simplistic melody for people without a musical ear, and more deep, thoughtful layers of sound that are pushing music to it's progressive limits.  Challenge yourself to really listen and catch everything going on in these tracks.

Originally, I planned on writing several paragraphs explaining each song in detail, and elaborating about exactly which parts I loved and why I love them so much.  But in the end, I think it's best to just let the music speak for itself.  The mini-OST is only 10 partial tracks while the final one will have 35 tracks total.  

I know what I'll be importing in February.

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