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Solar Pony Django's Uncrateing January 2015


A new month a new Loot Crate!

This month's theme was Rewind, which I was expecting a little heavier emphasis on gaming but the rest of the crate was nice as well. I got a comic I won't read because it's sealed so more money selling that someday (maybe) if I don't give it to my brother instead. An 8 bit pair of sunglasses, which I did need sunglasses so... yay? A Voltron T-Shirt, I've never seen Voltron but probably my favorite part of the Loot Crate actually. A Mini 10-Doh a cute little figure that will go next to the rest of my figures, I like these actually, they're fun little figures, my only complaint is that I didn't get the Back to the Future one, so that's a small complaint and it's up to random chance so that's okay too. A tie inspired by Space Invaders, which I did want a nerdy tie so I'm thankful for that. It's pretty cool and won't stand out to much like a few others I've seen however, it's not quite as not obvious as the MLP ties that I happen to want and probably wouldn't get noticed except by fans. We also got a mini comic notebook which is pretty cool, except I tend to draw way to large sadly. So overall I'd probably rate this crate above Versus but below Anniversary.

So as usual, how did I do in this video? How can I improve my video if you have any suggestions, comments, feedback please leave it in the comments below.
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