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The Strange and Abusive Tale of Defect Reject Chapter 1


    So... uh.... after thinking about it for some time because I wasn't sure if anyone in Destructoid would be interested in my OC Pony's Background story and talking to a few people about it I've decided to post it. I'm curious what you all think and am curious if there's any way that I can improve it. I hope even though it involves My Little Pony it's at least an interesting read to everyone... if people are interested I'd be willing to post the rest of what I have as well... but I'd probably do it every three days or so so as to not spam/overflow the blogs. If interest isn't there I won't post the next chapter as I don't want to annoy people, I'm hoping people do like it however... I kind of want this to light a fire under my butt by people wanting to read to continue with the story. I really want to finish it but I'm on what is probably my hardest chapter so far because I have a character that only talks in rhyme and has made it hard for my to progress. But... without further ado I really do hope you guys enjoy it...


                                                     Chapter 1: Awakening

It awoke to the sound of talking around it while blinking it's eyes open. It felt an uncomfortable feeling against it as it was tugged against a hard, cold floor of rough stone. As it slowly traveled in a syncopated, jerky rhythm it heard a scraping noise. Just as soon as it had started the tugging motion halted and it was allowed to drop fully and harshly to the ground. Barely aware of what it was or where, it heard harsh, braying voices and opened it's eyes to see, only to find a bright light focused on it which caused it to blink continually.

     Noises were heard all around as though it were the center of attention. It tried to comprehend what each noise was, and slowly tow voices became distinct though still unfathomable. If focused on the noises which were producing words and it concentrated its efforts in an attempt to figure out what the words were, what they meant and who or what they were discussing. “Your Majesssssssssssssty” one thing said “We found thisssssssss one in the hatching chamber... he'ssssssss different from the normal ones” He? He was a he? What's a he?

     “Different how subject?” the other voice asked as he tried forcing his eyes open again

     “The usssssssssssual way your Majesssssssssty. With no horn. No mind" No mind?

     How could they say that when he was using it right now? Thought the lights caused stabbing pain in his head whenever he opened his eyes his need to know what was going on around him finally overcame his desire for comfort and he forced them open. What he saw gave him no comfort.

    “No...” the voice said as he looked up and saw a green and black looking creature with holes in it and things coming out of it's head. “This one's alive. Look at it again!” it yelled at the other creature as he was suddenly, forcefully pulled and eyes opened fully  with a hard and careless hoof

    “You're right your Majessssssssssssssty” “Of course I'm right! I'm QUEEN Chrysalis!” she howled at the subject. Queen Chrysalis? What was a queen? What did any of this mean?

     “What ssssssssshould we do with it?” the subject asked as both of them looked at Queen Chrysalis.

    The Queen was silent for a thought filled moment. “This... this is something unprecedented... most of them born this way can't survive without the horn... it connects all the minds together into the hive mind and gives us changelings our powers.... You. Defective one.” she said while pointing her hoof at him as the subject pushed him forward. “Can you understand what we're saying?” she asked.

     He tried to talk but mainly made gurgling and growling noises. He swallowed, tilted his head and finally rasped “Y.....yes” he was able to finally gurgle and sputter out. What was that noise he made? But he didn't have time for that as she continued to speak

    "Good. We have no use for a changeling that can't be of some use to the empire. MY empire." she said through fierce flashing eyes and a haughty smirk."How much can you understand of what we're saying?" she said looking intently at him.

    The feeling that he was being graded as thought he were... meat. That was the word. Just a sack of meat made him shudder.  Nothing more then to use for her own will however she saw fit "U....understand?" he was able to get out after much pushing and trying to form the words in his mind as he spoke them

    The queen looked at him with contempt. "Not very much it would seem... without the hive mind it appears as if you're not fully up to speed like the rest of my Changeling's... this may not do at all... in fact... you'd probably be rejected by the rest of them for how... unlike them you are..." she said as she turned her back on him, deciding his fate.

    "However... seeing as you're not dead... yet. Their may be some use to you still." She slowly walked over to him to investigate him some more as she roughly pushed him over as he stumbled and fell on his face while she laughed at his misfortune "Pick yourself up." she said as she walked back to where she had begun her musing over what to do with him, unconcerned over any pain she had caused him.

     "Changelings of no use to me are quickly disposed of" she said as she transformed into something he didn't recognize as he stumbled back upon his hindquarters and fell over out of shock of her transforming into something completely different. She looked white now and with wings that looked different from before... feathers he recalls. That's what the wings have now, feathers. Along with long flowing multicolor hair that seemed like it glistened as if in... sunlight. He was starting to recall more words slowly, possibly from when he was being born and a part of the... hive mind she had said?

    "You. Defective changeling." she said pointing at him "This is one of my biggest enemies, and also a potential supply for food for all of my changelings. Finding a way into her kingdom would be most beneficial. To all of us. The less love we can consume the weaker we are, which means less we can take over. Transform into what I am now or be taken away. This is your only chance to prove you have any use to us." she hissed at him.

    Transform? How do I do that he thought sweating buckets as he frantically panicked, what was that she said earlier... dispose of him? Like destroy him?!?!? He didn't want that! He had just begun his life! He didn't even know what life was or anything meant yet! "5" Queen Chrysalis said as he looked at the back of her hoof. Almost positive that she knew nothing would come from this defective changeling.

    "4" the clock was on now he thought to himself as he tried to rack his brain for what little he knew about... changelings? They were changelings right? They could transform into... into other things! That's what they could do! It's how she had transformed into this other thing! "3" she said not looking up from her hoof sighing "You're not making a good case for yourself here" she said as she motioned for three subjects to enter the room. Not brandishing weapons but transforming their own body parts into weapons! "2" Okay. Now was the time. Now or never! He thought to himself as he closed his eyes concentrating hard trying to remember something. Anything from the time before now. He felt his forehead start to flicker and burn as he smelt smoke and brimstone all around him, his head felt like it was about to burst open as he felt his body transform slowly, but steadily with popping noises and loud cracks in the air as finally after about 20 seconds of exhaustion, concentration and panting he was able to transform into the thing Queen Chrysalis was as she transformed back.

    He staggered around a bit tired and worn out from transforming "Well, well..." she said looking over him "This IS a surprise... even if it did take you more then 5 seconds to transform" she said. "If you hadn't shown any sign of transforming at the 1 second mark you would be DEAD." at the moment she hissed at him "But as is... we can see if you can be put of some use somewhere" she smirked "After all... no other changeling without a horn has lived... and no changeling without a horn has been able to transform either..." she said as a loud cracking noise popped and he transformed back panting on the ground collapsed and slowly losing consciousness as he tried to force himself awake

     "But it doesn't as though you can stay transformed for that long however... we'll have to see if putting you with... some changeling to watch you... teach you... mold you." she said as she kicked his conscious losing body. "For now however... I think we have the perfect name for you... and how to brand you for all others to see." she said with a wicked grin as she walked over to a fire a pulled out two long iron sticks as she warped it with magic. "Yes... these will do nicely..." she said more to herself as he transformed them into two brands. One with a D. The other with an R. "Let all know that this changeling is defective when they walk past him and see his name branded onto each side of him!" she laughed evilly "Let all changelings know he is also supposed to be rejected from all society! His name is!" she screamed as she first branded the D on each side of him "DEFECT" the pain was unbearable for him to stand! But he couldn't make any noises as he was still unable to do anything due to him changing! "REJECT!" she howled with laughter as she branded the R onto both side of him searing away at his changeling flesh making the smell of burning meat come from his own as he finally passed out from the pain and exhaustion of that ordeal. He was alive alright. But he wondered right before he passed out... did he really want to be?

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