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You never asked for this, but it's commenting


It's been almost five years I've been here. Since I can't comment as much as I'd like, I realize that I know more about you than you know about be. In order to try and remedy this, I've  decided to put together some thoughts on selected topics for your perusal. Enjoy!

On Amiibo's

Is this what they meant by separated health business?

On Diversity in Videogames

"1971. Cincinnati. She was a cocktail waitress with the droopy eye! "

On ethics in videogaemz jurnalizmsasdf

Disclaimer: I masturbated 2.3 times while making this bong blog.

On the Nintendo defense force

LOL, no AC adapter. Please understand! (Shit, I still want one)

Filling the Lordvessel is fun

Fuck this, I'm playing Triple Town.

H8/10 comments in reviews

Cliff bleszinski is a weiner.

On the community blogs

"What's the big... I say, what's the big idea chasin' my worm? You're a cat, son."

On cocks and related phallic stuff

< 3 (this still looks like a butt to me)

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