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A Love Letter and a Musical Gift to Dtoiders


         Hi everyone! It’s been quite a while since my last blog, so I thought I’d better write something before you guys forget who I am. :)

         2014 was not an easy year, and a rather weird one for me as a gamer, but if I were to name it Year of Something, it might as well be the Year of Destructoid. Well, actually Destructoid and Steam – but as there’ll be a separate blog about Steam (I think), let us concentrate on the Dtoid part.

         It’s always nice to become part of a community – at least while you’re accepted, – and believe me, I’ve had my fair share of acceptance problems in my life. That’s why I cherish the Dtoid community and the friendships I’ve made here so much. Seriously people, you’re awesome! Because of you, I’ve been able to overcome my multiplayer shyness, and I even met the first seconds of 2015 mounting my friends. On top of a goat. What else could a guy possibly wish for? :)




         So here I’ve prepared a little musical gift for you all.

         Now, let me introduce myself (again) to those who don’t yet know me from this perspective. Hi, I am Tonich, an aspiring composer and the guitarist/singer/principal songwriter of the Russian instrumental/art rock band The Heckfish. Pleased to meet you all (again)! :)



         At first, I was reluctant to use Dtoid blogs for publishing my music, but some of my newly acquired friends (thanks guys!) convinced me that I should go Alphadeus (cheers dude! :)) and present it to you. Besides, LuckRequired has already used one of the tracks for his caption contest, so what the heck – gotta finish the job! :)




         Above you can stream and freely download The Heckfish’s debut EP Immersion. No charge, no questions asked. :)

Funded and produced solely by the band members, the EP was recorded in 2011-2012 and self-released in 2013. Here’s the list of people who have put their efforts into creating the album:

Tonich – Guitars, vocals and keyboards

Anton Travin – Recorder

Anna Gogina – Keyboards

Pavel Ganichev – Bass guitar

Artyom Tretiakov – Drums

Sergei Sorokin – Sound engineering and mixing

Sergei Russkikh – Mastering

Anna Osipova – Cover art


         I really hope you enjoy the music, my dear Dtoiders! Even if you don’t – I’m still thankful to you all. :)

         Your Friendly Neighborhood Russian,


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Hi everyone!

Please, call me Tonich. That's what everyone calls me. I live in Nizhniy Novgorod - a pretty large and picturesque city in Central Russia (yep, that's it on the header image).

Currently at the age 30, I am a taught historian, reluctant archivist, occasional tour guide and aspiring composer/musician. I write songs, play guitar and sing (badly) for the art rock act The Heckfish. Oh, and I also play videogames. :)

My gaming habits started with the NES era, and my favourite consoles are Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and PlayStation 2. I'm more of a PC player currently, so why don't you check out my Steam Page?

You can also listen to my music here.

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