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Princess Kora Details What #GamerGate is Really About


Self described “Cam Goddess” and PhD student Princess Kora would like you to know that #GamerGate is not about harassing women, it’s about dressing up as a woman who is frequently harassed and sticking objects in your vagina for the pleasure of men.

Kora, whose real name is not important, recently hit the Hate-Masturbation jackpot when she realized she bears a slight resemblance to Anita Sarkeesian, a woman whose detractors once illustrated her as so. Now this cam girl with nearly 10,000 Twitter followers is ready to take on the “narrow view of feminism” Sarkeesian champions through her various speaking engagements and video series Feminist Frequency.

“Anita has been poisoning the gaming community with her uneducated drivel,” Kora said. “Using my super cleverly titled show, Boob Frequency, I’m going to educate society on real women’s problems, discuss topical issues, and attempt to shove both my fists into my pussy at the same time.”

So far, Kora has a bevy of supporters with more money than brains as well as critics who don’t know what revenge porn is because that’s what they keep referring to this as. As of press time Anita Sarkeesian has refused to acknowledge Princess Kora, a move Sarkeesian carpers probably should have replicated two years ago when she first launched her kickstarter so I wouldn’t have to be writing this fucking article right now.

If you would like to meet Princess Kora and discuss real feminist issues, you can say hello to her at the 2015 Adult Entertianment Expo in Las Vegas so long as nobody calls in a dong threat.

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