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Begging for Money Is Now a More Respectable Career than Working For IGN


IGN, which once paid someone actual money to write this piece, took a huge hit to its public image today when it was revealed that begging strangers for money is a more fulfilling livelyhood than working for the website.

Four employees of the popular site: Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, Nick Scarpino and Tim Gettys; announced today they’d rather beseech fans for their table scraps than spend one more goddamn minute at IGN. The quartet of friends has decided to leave the site after their first Patreon to launch Kinda Funny Games was so successful. Now the group is launching a second Patreon concurrently, giving you the chance to pay them twice as much money to not have an actual job.

“I understand the risk I’m taking,” said Miller as he packed up his office. “There is the possibility the money could dry up, either from a bad economy or crowded marketplace or simply my fans realizing I’m not that funny. But that’s a risk I’m willing to take; and if I’m being honest I’m not too worried about my fans wising up. After all, they did willingly visit IGN for all those years.”

Miller, Moriarty and company will earn their Patreon funds by doing daily podcasts, Twitch streams, Let’s Plays and Youtube shows. If you’d like to support the team you can for as little as a dollar a month. Doing so will get you get early access to the guys as they fail to create compelling content daily across multiple formats, introduce paid advertising to their shows while still keeping both Patreon drives going and ultimately giving up before going to work at another website that will be purchased by IGN shortly there after.

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