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5 things about me!


Hello folks! since i wanted to share a small story of my youth, Dreamweaver suggest me to make one of those "10 things about myself" blogs, but i couldnt think of 10! so, here there are just 5 things about me:

1 - I work at an office, as a common office drone. Pretty stressful this time of the year, but the rest is kinda boring. My favorite activity is lock myself in the bathroom to play PSP, 3DS or lately that damn 2048 phone game.

2 - I been in three long term relationships in my life, and i been dumped by my ex-girfriends the three times! That doesn't speak very well of me, but i think is okay... just one of them really hurt. I was about to get married and we had a break up.

3 - The first console i personally bought was a GBA to play my obsession Pokemon... been a Pokemon nerd since they came to my country and never stoped playing. Even on the military service.

4 - I went to church for ten years, and left when i finally realized that i didnt really believed in God. I never went back, and im still firm on my non-belief.

5 -  Now this is the interesting one: i been in two threesomes. One is very simple: i received some bonus money with my paychek two years ago and decided that the best way to spend the money was to go out with two hookers to a motel. It was fun, but i ended up pretty tired and drunk... in fact i cant remember when or how the whole thing ended.

The other was when i was 25 or 24 years old... we were throwing a party at my house with my sisters, cuz we live alone since 2000 and in 2006 this place was the only one available to all our common friends to get hammered and listen some crappy music. The thing is that there was some friends at the party (a pair of perverts) that wanted to "try something new, man! you know... something crazy!" as he told me. I knew them since a few years and they were well known for their shameless sex life. I personally catch them one time at a disco, locked in a bathroom going all out.

"what do you want to try dude? pot? shrooms? Roy has some weird stuff over there..."

"Naw men, we cool. But! we want to make a ... threesome. Know those? but a good one, like, all the way"

"you fuckin me? are you crazy! this is my house!"

"no, we're serious... right babe? (she nodded) After all she's that been suggesting me that want to try DP and im kinda curious too about it too"

Curious huh... that was the magic word for me. I've had sex many times with my ex, but to be honest it was boring. Just the same thing always, nothing new, she didnt want to try anything remotely kinky. And maybe i could learn some things about sex with these two.

"okay dude, lets do it. But promise me that you wont tell anyone about this! Come on, come to my room. There is no one there and my sister is in charge of this party"

So, the three of us ended up naked in the same small bed. It was... unforgetteable. I never thought that sex could be like that, funny, intense, sweaty. She was a kinky and open (in more ways than one) girl and we both wanted to prove our worth with her, so we switched places, try different positions, DP, oral, everything we could think at the moment. And of course there was the man-to-man action i didnt expect. My friend was, hell, we both were very curious about it and since we were drunk, nothing stopped us to try out. That was the time in my life i accepted that being a Gay or Bi person is not that out of the norm as i thought before. In fact i was pretty okay if i turned out to be one of them. There was only oral sex from both of us, since no one wanted to be the first in getting, well, penetrated. I kinda regret it now...

After that magnificent hour or so, we dress up and say our goodbyes with a kiss. There was no shame or regret, and ever since when we brought that up in conversations with my friend (sadly they got separated) we had a great time jocking about it and laughing about how young and slim we were at the time.


So that's it. I enjoyed it and my curiosity was satisfied. No double lecture or moral quanderies about it. Thats the way i live now, and if i ever met my "soulmate" or whatever is called and it turns to be another man, it okay! But this time we'll go all the way :)

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