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What I want to see from AC: U.


Ha! I was really talking Animal Crossing! 

Is anyone excited about the inevitable console outing for Animal crossing this generation? No? Just me then? OK. Well the entry which held my attention for the least amount of time, to the point where it feels like I only turned it on twice, was Let’s Go to the City. I’d hate for a shiny HD Animal Crossing to suffer the same fate. Here’re some things which I’d like to see in AC: U (heh).

1. Allotments

Farming Sims are my guilty pleasure, and as much as I like Rune Factory, I’m struggling to justify the £25 for a download only RF4 which looks identical to RF3, especially after the disappointment that was Oceans. That’s why Animal Crossing should allow me to rent my very own little plot of land and grow my own turnips, forever ending Joan’s tyrannical monopoly. I don’t want anything too deep and I expect it to be just as slow paced and laid back as every other aspect of the game; I just want to be able to check on how my cucumbers are doing when I get back home in the evening, and perhaps to build a shed to call my own. Is that too much to ask?

2. Always online (where available)

Basically I and everyone I know has a reliable internet connection, I’m not saying you need the internet to play the game but if you have the internet and you’re playing Animal Crossing your town should automatically be open to friends over the web. Meaning if you notice a friend is playing you could just pop in on them out of the blue and vice versa, without having to arrange who’s opening up who’s town.

3. Being able to rotate Benches

Why wasn’t this a thing anyway? Also a grid view of the town when adding a new feature, rather than leading Isabelle around and hoping you can make it appear where you want it.

4. MH3 style cross saving

I like my new leaf town, and I’m not sure I want to leave it yet; I want to be able to transfer my village save between the two games. This might make point 3 a bit hard but the allotments would be easy, just add a new island for Cap’n to take you to on the Wii U version.

5. Give me my own boat

Talking of Cap’n, all he does is sing the same 3 vaguely dirty songs over and over. I can do that myself. Give me a rowing boat which takes longer than Cap’n but gives me the freedom of my town’s own little patch of ocean/lake and let me fish from the boat and give me a few desert islands to have picnics on and to decorate like the rest of the town.

6. Bring back Blathers’ flavour text

I swear if something reminds Blathers of back when he was in his baby feathers one more time I’m going to thump him. I seem to remember him having a bit of text for every fossil and fish, do that again, it took longer but it was also more interesting.

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