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Here it is, ooktar's 15 fetishes. You filthy animals. (NSFW)


Note: There's no actual nudity in the photos, but some are still somewhat risque and the overall subject matter may be offensive to some so the NSFW tag is just a precaution.

Okay you heathens. I've finally broke down and decided to post up my top 10 list of stuff that  gets me off. While the list is actually pretty tame for the most part (at least what I consider tame),  it certainly isn't something you should share with your children and some stuff on here might  be a little surprising to some. I talked about how I hate doing favorite lists of any kind in my last blog since I have so many tastes that are always changing, but I did my best to break my fetishes and fantasies down to this selection here. I should also note that I may or may not have been wearing pants when I compiled this list, take with that what you will. I'll try to start with the tamer stuff and work from there.

First of all, here's some honourable mentions:


I don't normally go crazy over female video game characters (at least not since I was 14), but  my recent foray into Final Fantasy X has got my head wrapped around the games female black mage  character Lulu. Her incredible statuesque beauty and figure, her affinity towards accessories (she attacks monsters with stuffed animals, how awesome is that?), her seductively calm voice, her intelligent stern personality, she is pretty much my dream girl.

Girl on Girl

Pretty generic and common, but something that I've always been interested in. Seeing two (or more) females engage in various forms of debauchery is something that never gets old to me. Whether it's the taboo of two females together, or just getting to see multiple girls naked at one time.

Rough/Punishing Sex

This one is only something I'm into once in a blue moon. Seeing girls get sexually punished and get a little rouged up is something that every now and then entices me. I for the most part am pretty submissive instead of dominant when it comes to sex, but every now and then I like the opposite and want to watch some women take a little punishing. Now I don't condone rape or abuse against women and I would never attempt to force myself on a woman, but porn for the most part is about fantasy, and there's nothing wrong with getting a little rough so long as she is okay with it.

Now, the actual list.

15: Milfs/Mature Women

This one's also pretty generic and basic, but it definitely is one of my #1 turn ons. I've always been attracted to older women. While my friends are always checking out the younger teeny boppers, I'm always looking around for the cougars on the prowl. I tend to relate to people older than me and I'd gladly take an older experienced woman who could teach me a thing or two over most of the chicks that are around my age who have zero personality.

14: Latina/Spanish Women

¡Dios Mios! For some reason, I've recently grown a great attraction to women originating from  south of the border. Between their golden tanned skin, sexy thick accents, seductive eyes, and  their propensity on having very voluptuis features all make up for my ideal woman. My dream one  day would be to settle down with a beatiful Spanish girl who'll love me all during the day, and  then punish me into the night.

13: Tattoos

I hear a lot of guys who don't like tattoos on girls. I don't know why, personally I think it's  incredibly hot. It's not very common to see girls with a lot of tattoos outside of Suicide  Girls. I can't describe it without sounding silly, but it gives girls a "Bad Ass" appeal which also sorta goes in hand with another turn on of mine I'll get into later.

12: BBW

A number of people here listed BBW's on their fetish list, and I'd like to throw my hat into the ring as well. I'd gladly take a girl with some extra fluff over some skinny girl who's bones stick out like an ethiopian child. I'd love a chubby girl to ride on top of me smothering me with her tig ol bitties.

11: Girls with Abs/Muscles

A vast change from the last entry are girls who got some extra muscle on their bones. To quote Cowboy Bebop "I love a woman that can kick my ass". Girls working out is a big turn on and having a fit girl who can take charge is a fantasy of mine.

10:  Girls talking casual or on the phone during sex

This might be seen as kind of out there, but sometimes I'm more turned on hearing a girl talk casually when she's engaging in sex instead of the standard moaning and wailing. Seriously, even hearing a girl talk about the weather while she's getting plowed is strangely captivating or even her chatting to her friends on the phone. I can't describe exactly why it is, but it just is,

9: Clothes on during sex/CFNM (Clothed female, nude male)

Following up girls talking during sex are girls wearing casual clothes during sex. No these are not joke entries, these are things that I actually jerk off too (how do you like that image in your head?). Girls stripping few if any clothes off in order to have a little afternoon delight is another strange turn on I can't really describe. I guess it's the idea of girls wanting to have sex in a hurry or some weird thing like that.

8: Public/Car sex

Going along with Girls with clothes on is people nude or having sex in public or the back seats of their car. I lost my virginity in the back seat of a car (a story that I plan on sharing eventually) and have always found it very titilating. Also people having sex out in public where just about anyone can come across them is a nice taboo that I'm very much into.

7: Female Domination

Going somewhat hand in hand with my fetish for muscular women and girls with tattoos are women who like to take control of their men. I said above I'm pretty submissive myself when it comes to doing the dirty, so I prefer it when a woman wants to take charge. Not so much to the point of wearing gimp masks while some mistress stomps on my balls with her stilettos, but I certainly don't mind her breaking out the hand cuffs and whip and if I really like her, I might be willing to break into a little strap on play.

6: Glory Holes

Yep, the infamous mystery holes of debauchery. Mind you I'm mainly turned on by the act of seeing girls engage with them as opposed to sticking my own member in one. Watching a girl work on a strangers cock sticking through the wall is a very captivating taboo. Because I'm 100% positive that the first thought on a girls mind when she see's someones dick sticking through the wall is "That thing should've been in my mouth already like 5 minutes ago".

5: Squirting

Girls who can squirt has become a pretty popular fetish in recent years, and I am amongst those who are fascinated by these human bellagio fountains. Girls squirting is something that I've been fascinated by since I first witnessed it. Most girls orgasms are rather visually unappealing as there's not much flair visually, so seeing a girl squirt 5 feet across the room when she climaxes is a bit more satisfying to see.

4: Rimjobs

The Rusty Trombone, Tossing the Salad, Analingus, whatever you want to call it. Both giving and receiving rimjobs is something that I have been fascinated by. Admittedly it ties in with my virginity story, but the idea of someone sticking their tongue in someones dirty hole is very much a turn on.

3: Incest/Mothers and Daughters

Now I myself am not attracted to anyone in my family, but the idea of family members getting it on is a very exciting thought. I actually know some friends whom are brother and sister that I've fantasized about them having sex sometimes. My main Incest fantasy though is Mother and Daughter incest. Mom's "teaching" their daughter's about sex or putting them through various sexual situations is very arousing in a forbidden sort of way.

2: Golden Showers

Probably the "Grossest" thing that I'm into is peeing. While I personally wouldn't pee on a woman (unless she requested it, which even then I might have some reservations), and I wouldn't just let any woman pee on me, but watching a woman let loose her bladder is something that I somewhat shamedly am turned on by. If I knew a girl well enough and we were both cool with it, I'd let her go ahead and let loose on me face like Chuck Berry. I've dealt with enough fluids and gross substances that pee is a pretty minor thing to deal with. Blood and Scat however are completely out of the question.

1: Transsexual girls/Futanari

Probably the number 1 fetish I've been fascinated with are Transsexuals. Beautiful girls packing something a little extra between their legs, I just can't describe my adoration with T girls. Maybe I'm just fascinated by cocks but not really interested in guys so Trans girls are just a way to get to look at cocks with the benefit of an attractive female body attached to it. Whatever it is, I can honestly say I would be more than willing to hook up with a beatiful Transsexual girl who would take me both ways. Hentai futanari girls definitely fall under here too (Bible Black anyone? Dreamweaver?). To make it weirder, I actually dig some of the ridiculously huge cocks featured in futanari hentais.

So there it is, my filthy dirty list of things that get me rock hard. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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