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You Can't Say That! # 11


This week it's some sort of special occassion, people are talking in hushed tones and children are laughing with delight in anticipation. That's right it's time for one of my contest blogs. Yay. I mean, YAY! Ugh, it's a lazy afternoon here and I am sipping tea whilst having my very first xmas on my own. I'll see my family and friends soon - should've gone today, but I wanted to see what it felt like not having anyone around on the day itself. Yeah, it suuucks.

You know what doesn't suck? Free stuff.

For this edition of Caption Contest I am going to mention the prize up-front so you know what you're getting.

The Witcher 3

A DRM-free digital download of the game from GOG. Here's a link below with much more information that I cannot be bothered to re-type out here. It's pretty swaggery. Yeah, I can't believe I used that word too.


You do get a ton of free stuff, so read it through and ponder if it is for you. Fair warning though, the game is not released until MAY 2015... So it will be some time before you receive it.
You will need to provide an email for me to send you the link; make a new email address if you want (just to be safe), but you can trust me, I'm sensible.

There is also a runner up's prize which is:



Also a 2015 release (hopefully). So you won't feel too left out. 1st place winner has the option to choose between the two gifts, just incase the The Witcher series isn't for you.

No special rules here, just make a caption for the picture below as usual
, make the community laugh, get some upvotes, win shit. What's not to like? So without further ado...

Let's get silly!

Simple game: I regularly post a picture, you caption it.

The winner is the comment with the most upvotes. The winner will also receive a non-mystery prize for their efforts this week.


What is going on here?


You can if you want but there's no need to save the picture and graft text on to it, just leave your captions (in your own style) in the comments below, kinda like so:

Comment example:

Raiden: "Blah."
Snake: "Blah."



1. I've met some truly wonderful people, and some not so wonderful people. Thank TPTB for the former.

2. I'm going to count to three. There will not be a four.

3. Good Luck. (Don't say thank you!)

4. There is no Turbo Man doll.

5. Happy Holidays!

Caption Competition is open to all globally. That includes Santa cuz he's fucking real! *sobs*

Last time's winner is... SirNinjaFace!

SirNinjaFace sneaks past the slumbering weak to turn down fame, fortune and glory in order to leave no trace of his victory! Well done!


A quick message to all the lovely folks who take time to read my blogs: thank you. If you've read this blog then please upvote people making captions. No need to fap (heart) this blog but please do check back and upvote the partcipants. I thank you, kindly.

Why is there music? To help get your creative juices flowing and you all fired up to make awesome captions.

This week's music is provided by Dtoid's very own Tonich and his band, The Heckfish.

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