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Comunity apology: regarding my podcast


Bob Dylan and Santa

How are you friends? Let me tell you, I've been busy :(
I promised to record as many podcast interviews with the comunity as possible until christmas and I wasn't able to record anymore yet :( 

I was working until the 23th and will work again on the 26th. That's no excuse, but I work in a recording studio and the sessions have gone until late. There's a chick doing a record there and stuff is tense.

Anyway, I apologize to everyone, I promise I'll get back to this project as soon as possible.
I want to talk to all of you. Even the people I made mad in any occasion, I think a good live conversation can solve a lot of internet comment discussions.

So, while that doesn't happen, check my earlier blog, where I interviewed Retrofraction. That dude rules. http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/long+john/dtoid-community-on-the-spot-retrofraction-284811.phtml

In the meantime, I'll leave you guys with two songs. The first one is one of my favourite Guide By Voices songs, and to me is the perfect Dtoid anthem: 

The other one is this video that took me by surprise of Bob Dylan enjoying Xmas. It says all the profit from this album is going to charity and stuff, so yeah, that's cool too. I love Dylan, btw:

So I wish a Merry Christmas to all of you, I love everyone that talks to me here and I'll promise I'll talk to you guys as soon as possible. Anyone interested in being interviewed add me on Skype: [email protected]

P.S. Thanks Phil, Agent9 and MrDandyMan for all the gifts, you guys are amazing people. It means a lot more than money to me, you guys are seriously beautiful. <3

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