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Nintendo Announces amiibo Wave 4 Figures, Immediately Stops Production On Half Of Them


Nintendo fans woke up to a surprise this morning when the company announced the much anticipated fourth wave of amiibo toys, then announced they’ve stopped production on half of them.

Scheduled for release April 13th, or you know sometime around that date depending on the retailer or some shit, wave four will consist of fan favorite characters Ganondorf, Ness, Jigglypuff, ROB, and Mr. Game and Watch. Immediately after announcing the fourth wave, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Amié said the company has already stopped production on several of the figures.

“We have no idea which amiibo figures are going to be popular and which ones are going to be ignored,” said Fils-Amié in an interview. “That’s why we limit the production on some characters. Fans should have no problem finding Ganondorf and Jigglypuff at stores, but you may want to plan ahead if you want to get your hands on ROB, Game and Watch, and Ness as we’ve only made about 13 of them.”

Also coming in wave four is Pac-Man who will be retailer exclusive at Sweetgum Bottom Antiques in Andalusia, Alabama.

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