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Hey Dtoid! What Am I Playing?


Ha, see what I did there? Hey Ash Whatcha...

'Ahem' Anyways so Destructoid I've been wanting to work on my backlog for a while now and just last week I finished Tomb Raider (2013) and The Walking Dead Season 1. Since no Wii U or 3DS games come out for a while I figured this was as good as time as any. Until I get my secret santa gift than that takes priority, but anyways instead of me choosing (since I can't make up my mind) what should I play? I'm going to list ten games and just tell me in the comments below what I should tackle next and possibly why.

I'll also be starting the games over since I can't remember where I last left off on them.

I'm also thinking about streaming them so if you're interested: http://www.twitch.tv/lokik21 I'll probably be streaming at about 3 AM central time so mainly the Australlians would see it. But that's about when my fiancee goes to bed, and I work overnights so it's something to do.

1. Alice: Madness Returns

I haven't played the first games nor any of the second but I've heard the second isn't quite as good as the first. But I only have the second one.

2. Beyond Good & Evil

I know I've played some of this one but I don't remember how much. Last I checked this worked on my computer but... I did just upgrade the graphics card and haven't checked if that'll be a problem since it's and older game.

3. Borderlands 1.

I haven't finished this game and would restart it, I've also noticed it's pretty miserable single player so if someone would want to join me that'd be okay.

4. Dark Souls 1

I just love that picture. I have played some of this just haven't gotten very far, but I'm willing to do it.

5. Deus Ex

The original Deus Ex, if anyone knows of a mod that upscales the graphics that would be great, but as is I actually really like the original Deus Ex. Problem. I never finished it. Sure I got far, to the Submarine actually but that's not finishing it. That was also on my other computer so I have to start over either way.

6. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Oh boy! It's like my list is everything I should've played but haven't! Except Borderlands. And Final Fantasy 7. Which I haven't shown yet, I just don't like those two, but if I'm going to give a fair opinion of a game one must finish it. Otherwise that's kind of cheap.

7. Far Cry 3. Or Blood Dragon, whichever one comes more recommended.

8. Final Fantasy 7. Now as I said I don't like what I've played of Final Fantasy 7, and most of Destructoid knows that. HOWEVER! If I am to give it a fair opinion (which really I should) I need to play all of it. I only got to Cait Sith last time and stopped since I heard it was coming to Steam. And haven't picked it up since. I don't like emulating even for games I don't like so a good friend of mine gave it to me on Steam.

9. La-Mulana. Another I've gotten fairly far in. Problem is once you stop for a few months you kind of forget where you were going. So I'd be restarting, also most likely using a guide because this game is rather hard. Fun mind you but hard.

10. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. Which I would be willing to attempt without a guide. Unless I start pulling my hair, but I am at least willing to give it a go. I have played this one a bit but I wanna finish it since I've heard it's really good.

So Destructoid, which one should I play? I wanna know why as well if you don' mind. I'll go with most votes but I'm curious.

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