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Occam Thoughts: Promoting Blogs


Hello everyone. How are you? Christmas is fast approaching. That's fun. I want to talk to you for a moment today about Community Blogs. I have been working with He of the Pink Robe to get a bunch promoted. I'm still pretty new at this gig but I'd like to take a moment to get some feedback from you. I can only promote blogs if you write them. And believe me, I want you to write them. I want you to write them so well that all you can think about is getting back to that keyboard and writing more and more until you just can't stand it and your leg coverings are heavy with word lust.

Let me tell you a wee bit about how a blog gets promoted. So I read every blog that's written. Sometimes it might take me a day or two (especially on the weekends when I tend to not be near a computer) but I do indeed read them all. A blog catches my eye. It’s interesting. Its unique. It offers a different perspective. The author is sharing a story and expressing their voice to the community. All of that is very important. I'm not expecting the next great American novel blog post but something that expresses the voice of the author is very important.

So I read the blog and it’s great. It’s definitely worth promoting for the community to enjoy. The next step is to check the images. This can be the most enjoyable and most frustrating part of my duties here. I can edit text, fix grammatical mistakes, format structure and all that but if your image that you so carefully selected and love is too small then it’s no use to me. The ideal size is for a blog image is 620 x 349. If your image is a wee bit smaller or larger, I can try and do some science magic and make it work. If it’s a thumbnail or an animated gif or something, I have to replace it. Now I will do my best to replace your image with something as close to the original as possible. I want to keep the content as close to the original intent of the author as possible.  So if you can supply me with a new image that fits the dimensions than all the better.

Now I'm not saying if you post a blog with too small or too large image it won't get front paged. Anything but. It just means more work for me. But if the blog is great then the work is more than worth it. Also, I want to encourage our non-native English speakers to contribute blogs. Unfortunately, I can't translate for squat but if someone posted an amazing blog in Spanish and someone let me know about it, I would be willing to figure out a way to translate it and post it in both languages. We have some incredibly talented, funny and brilliant folks in this community. I bet there are so many more but we don't know about them yet because they haven't written a blog and are just lurking. I want to encourage them to take a chance and write a blog. Put yourself out there and share with us. This is one of the most welcoming, receptive and fun communities I have ever experienced. Welcoming new members here and watching them thrive is a genuine treat and honor.

So for this last bit and want to hear from you. I work with Andy to pick the Bloggers Wanted topic. I've had a relatively easy time of it with holiday-inspired themes. However, I want to hear your ideas. What would you like to write about? What would you be willing to write about? Do you have any questions for me? Advice? Criticisms? Nudie pics? I want folks to come here and enjoy the blog space as much as they enjoy the front page. In order to cultivate that, I need your help and your feedback. So feel free to comment here or PM me. Ask around, I answer all my PM's in a (somewhat) timely fashion. Also, if you ever have a problem, feel free to come to me too. I want everyone here to feel welcome and appreciated and respected.  If that's not happening for you, I want to help.  I can't guarantee anything but I can promise you I will do what is in my power to help.

So that's it.  I hope everyone has been enjoying the promoted blogs lately and I look forward to reading your words and thoughts and ideas and sharing them with the entire community. 

- Sent from my Lisa Frank Dungeon

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