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Become Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams With amiibo!


Crazes come and crazes go. Hula-Hoops twisted themselves into oblivion, deely-boppers never quite made it out of the 1980s, and the worldwide obsession with the Spice Girls, well, without Ginger should the others now hang up their Union Jack micro-dresses as well? But one craze that isn't going anywhere is the obsession with Beanie Babies amiibos, those oddly endearing beanbag animals Skylanders/Disney Infinity rip-offs!

This craze becomes easier to comprehend when you realize some retired discontinued Beanie Babies amiibos are fetching several thousand dollars at auction. With random carefully planned Beanie Babies amiibos being retired discontinued every year, who knows what your Bongo the Monkey Wii Fit Trainer or Gobbles the Turkey Marth will be worth in a few years? Beyond the mercenary level, Beanie Babies amiibos are also fun little toys to have around (but remember, keep the tag on it boxed up in mint condition or the value is seriously diminished). Les and Sue Fox's Its About To Get Gay In Here's The Beanie Baby Handbook amiibo Get Rich Quick Scheme is an essential reference guide for Beanie Baby amiibo fanatics.

Every known Beanie Baby amiibo is pictured in full color, with an estimate of its 1998 2014 value and a speculative value for the year 2008 2024. (Although this is only an estimate, who knows if Beanie Babies amiibos will hold their value like Microsoft Google stock does). Also included is some sensible advice for collectors--don't blow your life savings on one Beanie Baby amiibo; spend within your means! The Beanie Baby Handbook amiibo Get Rich Quick Scheme is jam-packed with essential Beanie amiibo tips and topics, and even includes the lyrics to the (unofficial) Beanie Baby amiibo song, "I want it! I want it! I want a Beanie Baby!" "I bought the game! Now I have to buy an amiibo! I don't make enough money to support this type of extravagant hobby!" Sing it loud, folks.

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