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DTOID Community on the Spot - Retrofraction


it's hard being torn apart by a long john

SOOOOOO...What's up Dtoid?

I'm doing fine, thanks! As you guys might now I was one of the fans of the classic Not'Toid where Occams, Zombie Orwell and Benny Disco did a Podcast together. I've been trying to ignite some kind of project with Benny but my hours have been pretty crazy, so I decided to do a diferent thing: start a podcast in which, at every edition, I talk to a different member of the community. It's kind of the roguelike of podcasts. 

So, to kickstart this thing (no, I won't ask for money, I mean kickstart like the Motley Crue song Kickstart my Heart), we have our friend Retrofraction talking about his experiences with gaming and at Destructoid. 

You guys might be surprised, but Retro is actually here since 2006. We mention ancient history in this podcast! We try to remember in which event Niero was trying to get into when he started Dtoid! We talk about our friends that left Dtoid and the epic flame wars that were lost when Disqus was implemented! We also talk about our favourite games ever! Can you guess what mine is?


Anyway, I'd like to thank Retro for his participation, and I'd also like to invite you guys to participate in this! Anyone interested in talking about their experiences with Dtoid and videogames in general are welcome, PM me and we'll set up a date and time! I'll try to record as many episodes I can as a Christmas present to the community, but I'll keep doing them after the holidays too, so don't fret, you'll all get a chance to be part of the new frenzy in the gaming podcast community! 

We actually talk about how cool it is to talk to someone you know online, how it gives you a sense of real interaction, so that's the thing I'm trying to do here: let's all listen to what this community has to say and feel as if we're all in a big sauna room talking about cocks videogames!

Also, if you have an idea for the name of this thing, you're welcome to share it with us, the best idea will get a...well, we'll think of something. I can give you a signed picture of my dog.

So thanks for your time, and give it a listen, even if my jokes suck I promise you'll laugh a lot of my english pronunciation. The blogosphere is already calling me the "Tommy Wiseau of videogames".
Oh, and if you never did, go play Turrican, it's a great series! 

man, I miss these art drawing covers

I'm posting this at 4shared, if anyone has a better idea, please let me know! Love y'all!

EDIT: Ok, two things!
First: everyone is more than welcome to participate, it's my pleasure to do this, so anyone interested in recording, add me on skype ( [email protected] ) and send me a message saying who you are. If you can, tell me your timezone too so I can schedule this better. Let's do this! :D

Second: Not everyone can get 4shared to work so I'm creating a MEGA account to upload the episodes. This first episode is here: Episode 1

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