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No Man's Sky Developers Promise One Planet of Sexy Green Aliens to Bone


Gamers who plan on picking up the highly anticipated No Man's Sky should be sure to be on the look out for a planet full of lusty green aliens looking to fuck.

The existence of the planet was confirmed last night in a post The Game Awards interview. Sean Murray, the game's director, said ever since he saw the original pilot for Star Trek, he's wanted to put his penis inside a sultry green alien. With No Man's Sky, Murray is one step closer to experiencing his dream.

"We don't know where it is," said Murray, "but we know it's out there. Me and Gareth Bourn (the game's designer) hand crafted this sex planet in an otherwise procedurally generated game."

The currently unnamed planet features a lush, tropical environment with plenty of grottos to discover and waterfalls that rain KY jelly onto the sex-starved aliens below. In addition to the erotic green aliens, players can also find horny aquatic aliens, lascivious aerial creatures and suggestive trees with knots in all the right places.

"This planet will be a one stop sex-a-palooza!," said Murray. "And if you're thinking there will only be female aliens, fret not. We plan on including each of the possible 527 gender identification options available on Facebook as a potential sex partner. If you want to fuck a pre-operative transgendered merman, you can and probably will."

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