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Oh yes, I do so enjoy the Superb Smashing Brothers!



Incoming positively-charged rant about Smash. Prepare yourself.

So, after much crying, sighing, deals with the devil, and so on, I managed to get myself a Gamecube adapter for Super Smash Bros for WiiU. And holy hell, this the way the game was meant to be played! The moment I picked up my wavebird, everything in Smash just started to feel right. The buttons were right where I left them, the C-Stick was where it should be, and the triggers required effort to push down like they should.

Suddenly, I could kick butt again.

Now, if people could start paying me to...

So, yeah. I kinda sorta like Smash Bros. Big surprise, right?

I had unlocked all the characters the day I got the game, because like the milestone says, the fight doesn't truly begin until you have all the characters available. I have since tried each of them, and I find myself facing a dilemna. I like too many of them. I could see myself playing as Peach, Rosalina, Marth, Zelda, Shiek, Zero Suit Samus, Lucina, Toon Link, Regular Link, Shulk, Little Mac, Robin, and OH GOD HOW I WILL HAVE THE TIME.

This game is too good and I feel overwhelmed by how good it is.

Over Turkey Day break from work, I played little else than Smash Bros the whole time. My little brother was home, also known as “STOP PLAYING AS JIGGLYPUFF” and we spent far too much time fighting each other. He's still better than me, which I doubt is something that will change any time ever, but it makes for a great training buddy. Playing Smash with him and two level-9 CPUs brings back many memories of us hiding in the basement playing Melee until the wee hours of the morning. And even if Jigglypuff is the most annoying thing ever. I MEAN SERIOUSLY COME ON.

My favorite characters in Brawl were Peach and Marth, and while Peach is still a mainstay, I have traded Marth for the completely different Lucina. I'm willing to bet that Marth is technically better if you can master tipping (using the tip of his sword to deal more damage), but I overall prefer Lucina. I like her design, and I like her from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Plus, I like the most consistent damage.

Peach has gotten some improvements since Brawl, all of which I find welcome. She feels faster, and her moves seem to launch people farther. Her Final Smash still kind of sucks, but I think it's more useful than in Brawl.

I'm still experimenting with other characters like Rosalina and Shulk. Shulk feels pretty similar to Lucina in terms of his UP+Special and his counter, but the Power of the Monado makes him stand out. I think I'm getting the hang of when to use which power, but it's still not perfect. Rosalina is very interesting, using her Luma to great effect, and I love the character ever since the original Mario Galaxy. However, I tend to play a very aggressive, in-your-face Smash, and I don't think that's where Rosalina shines. I can dance around the battlefield, but when it comes down to the final two in a stock match, I always lose. I do, however, love talking about my “Poor, innocent, defenseless Luma” when I play as her, and crying when Luma falls off the edge or otherwise dies.

It's a fat little star for crying out loud! It doesn't even know what fighting is.

Single-player Smash is actually surprisingly robust. I've heard people complain that there isn't a story mode a la Subspace Emissary, or that there isn't an Adventure Mode from Melee. While I do somewhat miss the latter (it got repetitive after a while), I don't think the lack of story really detracts from the experience. Sure, those cutscenes were gorgeous, but I don't think Smash really needs a story. It's just Nintendo characters (and more now) kicking the crap out of each other. I think that's all it needs to be. Its gameplay is good enough to work on its own.

With that said, you have several single-player modes like Events and All-Star. Both of which are fine, though some events are more annoying than fun (who thought keeping Game and Watches off a ship could be so frustrating?). Classic got an overhaul, where you can choose your fights and to an extent, your rewards. I enjoy that. Plus, you can do it Co-Op now, which I also appreciate tremendously.

I think I've gushed enough, and I could certainly go on. But, really, if you own a WiiU, I'm sure you either already own this game or plan to soon. Get back to playing it. I'll see you online.

Of course, that's when I can do so without fearing of getting an error code. I don't wanna brick my WiiU, and since I can't find any reliable information, I'm not taking a chance.


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