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GTA VI To Be Most Violent Game Yet, Let You Play As Cop


Players who enjoy ultra violent video games got some good news today when it was officially announced that the next Grand Theft Auto will put gamers in the shoes of an unaccountable, reckless and trigger happy police officer.

This is according to Leslie Benzies, the producer of the hit franchise. In a sit-down interview with journalists today, Benzies bemoaned the fact that it’s becoming more and more difficult to think up scenarios for gamers to live out their violent fantasies as criminals.

“After we got done with the last game, we all had a discussion about where to go from here… what kind of wild, highly illegal adventures should we create next,” Benzies says. “We like to keep our games current so we started asking ourselves who are the most wantonly violent people in America. As soon as we asked the question, we knew the answer: cops.”

Though still a few years away, Benzies gave us some insight into what he and his team are hoping to achieve with this new game. One big aspect of GTA VI will be players having to figure out who they should shoot and who they should let go.

“Gamers are really going to be tested on their ability to tell the difference between criminals and the innocent,” Benzies says. “For instance, when you see two white guys in a deli armed with AR-15s, you must be wary not to shoot them as they are not criminals, but patriots expressing their 2nd Amendment rights. There’s a mission in the game that has you responding to a movie theater shooting where a white guy dressed as the Joker is gunning down patrons. In order to beat this mission you have to allow the killer to surrender his arms peacefully before you take him into custody. But if you see 12 year old black kid on a playground with a BB Gun, you blow him the fuck away as soon as you step out of your patrol car.”

Several parts of the game will be seeing a major revamp from previous entries. All players will start the game three vehicles: a police cruiser, a police Hummer and a police tank donated by the Army. You can still take any car you want in the game, but in GTA VI this is now called “commandeering.” As an added bonus, some vehicles you commandeer will come with money inside that you can seize as part of a Civil Asset Forfeiture. The Wanted Level has also been reworked for the game. Now instead of getting stars for killing people or committing crimes, you get stars if you play for 10 minutes without killing someone. For those worried the game might give the impression that being a murderous cop has no penalties, Benzies says that isn’t the case.

“There are penalties for killing people. If any of your killings are high profile or caught on camera, you will have submit to a grand jury investigation. But don’t worry, to make this game as authentic as it can be, no matter what kind of evidence is brought against you, you’ll never be indicted on charges.”

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