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You Can't Say That! # 10


Let's get silly!

Simple game: I regularly post a picture, you caption it.

The winner is the comment with the most upvotes. The winner will also receive a mystery prize for their efforts.

 It sure has been a while, I didn't forget! I've watched so many people get fired from work, it's crazy. A while back I mentioned something about thieves among us, well, they are gone. All half a dozen of 'em. I'm gaining more trust and responsibility and weight. Fun. Working 12 hour days but the pay is good.
Speaking of pay, been playing PayDay to death and recruiting the feck out-ta everyone I meet. Sent Opium a game on his wish-list for being such a jolly German and gifted the leftovers to awesome friends on my steam list and in response, last night, we were mounting each other like there was no tomorrow. We were playing that game Mount Your Friends! Not sexing. I swear. It's so silly and soo much fun. I wish I could buy more copies and gift them but Gaben won't allow it.

I have not had much time for anything else, keeping up with family and friends has been a struggle and limited when possible. I have tried to catch up with blogs too but you guys write more than I can digest. Nice to see some new faces and old ones back too.

Trying to keep it short, cuz you have shit to do. So let's get on with it.


The stories these two could tell.


You can if you want but there's no need to save the picture and graft text on to it, just leave your captions (in your own style) in the comments below, kinda like so:

Comment example:

Righty: "Blah."
Lefty: "Blah."

I don't know their names, sorry.



1. Never give up.

2. Blame others. Ha ha, nah, don't do that.

3. Don't fake it.

4. Be braver, take that chance.

5. When in doubt, make tea.

Caption Competition is open to all globally. That includes the dudette behind you and their persona.

Last time's winner is... GoofierBrute!

GoofierBrute breaks free from the pack and barges his way to victory! Well done! Now check your PMs. (Hopefully you did some time ago.)


A quick message to all the lovely folks who take time to read my blogs: thank you. If you've read this blog then please upvote people making captions. No need to fap (heart) this blog but please do check back and upvote the partcipants. I thank you, kindly.

Why is there music? To help get your creative juices flowing and you all fired up to make awesome captions.

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