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Bladestorm Nightmare Now More Historically Accurate than Texas History Textbooks


The Society for History Education is asking the ESRB to reclassify Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War and the upcoming Bladestorm: Nightmare as educational games after it was found these two titles are more historically accurate than the new Texas history textbooks.

“Traditionally, when you think educational video games you think of simplistic adventure style games that teach you about math, science and history,” says Martin Free, spokesman for the S.H.E. “However, thanks to the new, incredibly low education standards set forth by the Texas State Board of Education, we’ve determined video games once thought to be too fantastical to be used in the classroom are now better learning resources than anything you’ll find in a Texas schoolhouse.”

Starting next year, Texas students will learn from textbooks that emphasize America’s “Christian Heritage,” praise the accomplishments of Ronald Reagan, place doubt on mankind's role in global warming, downplay Muslims in history and exaggerate Moses' influence in the founding of American Democracy.

Bladestorm: Nightmare features ogres, an evil Joan of Arc and battles with dragons… all of which is more believable to have happened in history than anything found in these new Texas textbooks,” Free added. “Other video games more true to history than what these kids will be taught include the upcoming Code Name S.T.E.A.M. and Samurai Warriors 4. To be honest, even Hyrule Warriors contains more historically accurate information than these textbooks.”

Bladestorm isn’t the only video game franchise being affected by the new Texas education standards. Video game developers across the country are now trying to figure how to dumb down their games so that kids educated in Texas will be able to understand them.

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