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A Pit In My Tummy


I was scammed today on Steam.

I know, I KNOW. Before you throw me to the "should've been more careful" crowd, my mind has been adversely affected by health issues, and sometimes (not always, thankfully) it creates a problem wherein my ability to reason properly is hampered. Today just happened to be one of those days.

I was basically tricked into thinking that a poor guy couldn't buy Farming Simulator 2015 in his country, because of region locking - this isn't an immediate sign of scamming mind you, this happens all the time. So I thought I could help him out, in the meantime I'd get Dragon Age: Inquisition in return. Yes, I know it seems ridiculous in retrospect, but at the time he told me how much cheaper games are in Germany (which I doubt this guy was from). 

Ok, so we talk for a bit, hash out the details of how it'll go down, and then start doing the trade. It didn't seem fishy at all, because his profile showed he'd performed over 500 trades, and he had page after page of positive trading rep comments.

The other thing is, after taking my game he was still "trying" to get me the code. At first the code just didn't work, then he made a claim that it was the wrong code, even saying, "You didn't use it, right? Because I think that was my CoD code!" So then he starts trying to send other codes, but they're appearing as weird text...and then he says, I think we just need to restart Steam or something, because the code isn't appearing properly.

Of course, as soon as I restart Steam, he's gone; I'm blocked; and his trade forum post now says something about trading cards.

I guess it wouldn't be a huge deal if I wasn't saving that money for the Steam Christmas sale, but I was - and money is very tight because of my disability.

Anyway, just be careful, everyone. No matter what things look like, someone will try and scam you.


So something amazing happened, which cancels this out, at least to me. I'll follow-up with it soon!

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