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Capcom Announces Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney x The Cosby Show


Armchair lawyers will step back into the courtroom this spring as they try to defend funnyman Bill Cosby against a barrage of rape allegations in the new game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney x The Cosby Show.

The game, set to release on the Nintendo 3DS, takes place in the 1980s during the height of Cosby-mania and not long after Phoenix Wright passed the bar. Like previous games in the series, players will guide Wright through five cases as he tries to defend Bill Cosby from each individual sexual assault charge.

"We wanted to show players a new side of Phoenix Wright, a darker side if you will," says series creator Shu Takumi. "Phoenix Wright wasn't always the lawyer you've seen in games. During the beginning of his career, he had to defend some pretty horrible people. Sometimes to win these cases, Phoenix Wright will have to perform some pretty horrible activities in the form of new gameplay modes."

While Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney x The Cosby Show will follow the standard franchise formula of investigation, evidence and cross-examination; players can expect new gameplay modes where Phoenix Wright will try to bribe accusers with hush money, tarnish their reputations in the national media and do whatever it takes to protect the livelihood of their client, America's most lovable black doctor, until a stand-up comedian reminds everyone he's a rapist 20 years later suddenly giving credibility to these allegations that were laughed off when first reported.

"The new modes add another dimension to the Phoenix Wright franchise that we feel players are going to love," added Takumi. "But we've also gone ahead and revamped much of what was already in the series. For instance, you'll now use the Mood Matrix (introduced in Ace Attorney Dual Destinies) to identify when a witness is faking her tears of pain as she recounts the story of the time Mr. Cosby took her to the beach and forced her to perform oral sex on him."

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney x The Cosby Show is the third Ace Attorney crossover to be released for the 3DS, following Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Ace Attorney x Madden.

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