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Dragon Age: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.



[Zero spoilers for Inquisition]

To say that I am excited for Dragon Age: Inquisition is to massively undersell my emotions.

I am feverish with desire and sleepless with want. I am not even being hyperbolic here. I literally have a fever right now because I couldn't sleep well last night because I had pre-loaded Inquisition yesterday evening.

I have never ever felt this excited for a game release, ever before. And the following are the things I have done (or did not do) in preparation for it:

  1. I have avoided every article ever on Dragon Age Inquition. Except for one. (I just had to check out what “fully gay” meant.)

  2. I have avoided reading the reviews. (Though I did cast a sideways glance on a couple of scores.)

  3. Overall, I stayed away from the hype train. My opinion of DA2 has been so overwhelmingly in contrast with the majority of the internet's that I suspect something similar might happen with Inquisition. Whether positive or negative, I will make my own judgement.

  4. I have read the books. Last week, I re-read Asunder.

  5. In the Tapestry, I have recreated my four different playthroughs of Origins and 2.

  6. I just finished playing The Last Court. I was on top it every 7 hours for the last six days. It was well worth it for me. (Though to anyone else considering playing it, only do so if you are heavy into the Dragon Age lore. Gameplay will frustrate you to no end.)

  7. I pre-ordered Inquisition. My first pre-order ever. Not just in games but everything.

  8. I pre-loaded this game. 

  9. And last but not least, I am going to take a long nap in the evening, so I can start playing at midnight and not stop till daylight. Hopefully my fever intensifies, so I can legitimately claim a sick-day.

I may not be back on Destructoid for the next few days.

Maker bless us everyone.

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