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Titanfall Article Named New Destructoid Mascot


An hour after it was announced that Jonathan Holmes would be taking over as Editor-in-Chief of Destructoid.com, the website named a Titanfall article as its new site mascot.

The article, titled "Why Titanfall Will Be My Next Big Gaming Obsession," was one of 34 articles written about Titanfall on Destructoid between the start of the year and the day the game launched in March. Other equally hilarious-in-hindsight articles were considered, sources say; including "I’m Officially Getting Excited for Bungie’s Destiny" and "Yep, The Evil Within Is Going To Be One Super Creepy Game Alright." Sources say in the end, it was the unintentional humor found in a positive Titanfall article read several months after everyone stopped giving a damn that made it the perfect candidate for new site mascot.

“We all thought we’d be playing Titanfall for years to come,” said Hamza Aziz, who wrote several of the now-ridiculous articles that were considered. “Boy, were we stupid. But that’s why we chose this article to be our new mascot, because we wanted a constant reminder of the type of gaming website we don’t want to be: a site that constantly gives into hype manufactured by publishers and developers to the financial detriment of its readership.”

According to insiders with the website, the Titanfall article won by just three votes over the Ice Climbers. With their defeat, Popo and Nana fall further into obscurity, making their appearance in Super Smash Bros for Wii U about as likely as online bank heists appearing in GTA V.

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