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Nintendo Releases Blank Game Disc to Critical Acclaim


Nintendo of America announced today it is struggling to meet demand for its newest title that is just a blank game disc.

The game, titled Everything By Nintendo, is the result of a printing error that occurred at the facility where Wii U optical discs are finalized. Back in October, a power outage caused more than one million game discs that should have had Bayonetta 2 printed on them to leave the facility blank. Not wanting to spend the money to ship the blank discs back to the facility, Nintendo instead released them to the public. The response has been deafening.

“This is why I love Nintendo,” says Carl Bates of Paris, Texas. “You never know what to expect from them. Just when you think all they can do is make Mario or Zelda or Pokemon games, they give us something like this. If I can just be honest, you should get out there and buy Everything By Nintendo.”

“People say Nintendo has lost its edge,” laments Thelma Bree of Walla Walla, WA. “They say Nintendo doesn’t know how to reach modern gamers. But that’s not true. They know what we want: we want Everything By Nintendo.”

Critics agree. Right now Everything By Nintendo is one of the highest rated games on Metacritic. Many reviewers have have labeled it the first, post-modern video game. Jose Otero of IGN believes Everything By Nintendo will be talked about by passionate gamers for years to come. Greg Schardein of Digital Chumps gave the game a 10 out of 10, saying “I don’t think I’ve had a better time reviewing a video game than I did with Everything By Nintendo.” Over at EGMNow, Eric Patterson ended his review saying, “Other games just can’t compete with Everything By Nintendo.”

Not all gamers are impressed. Many have pointed out that during the Playstation era, Sony was toying with a similar idea of selling a game that had nothing on it. However, it never got out of developmental hell, and in 2003 Sony quietly cancelled the game. Assets from the failed title were moved to a new project aimed at creating a device that does nothing. This would later be known as Sony mylo.

“The haters are just jealous. They think other consoles should have the game,” Bree said after she was asked what she thought of the criticism aimed at Everything By Nintendo.

After the game’s release, the hashtag #buyeverythingbynintendo starting treading on Twitter with more than four million tweets. Many of the tweets wanted to know why Nintendo wasn't releasing any DLC for the game, while others were asking about a potential sequel. There is some good news for fans. This morning Nintendo announced it will bring amiibo support to Everything By Nintendo that will add absolutely nothing to the game.

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