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Nudity Code Found in Bayonetta 2


Less than two days after the release of Bayonetta 2 on the Nintendo Wii U, hackers announced they have discovered a nudity code hidden in the game. Simply by pressing the A button at any time in any level, Bayonetta will strip off all her clothes.

“Nine out of ten times we got the code to work,” said Arthur Bentley, one of the hackers who discovered this code. “We were also able to get Bayonetta naked by pressing the X button, but it didn’t have nearly the success rate the A button did.”

Independent testing of the code did confirm it worked. In response to the discovery, Platinum games announced today it would be releasing a patch for Bayonetta 2 where any nudity in the game would simply be replaced by gratuitous shots of Bayonetta’s fully clothed butt, breasts and giant vagina.

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