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Grass Stains


This is one of those problems where I'm not sure which is the right thing to do. I can't please everyone and I will piss off someone. I have a dilemma that is bugging the crap out of me and need some opinions but more importantly I need reasons why.


I can't go into specifics or names because I don't know who the feck is reading the internet these days. One of you could be a neighbour, co-worker or family member.


Simply put, someone is doing something they shouldn't be at work and I, among others, have figured out who it is. When the time comes do I say something or not? We can't stay out of it because we all risk losing our jobs, thanks to the selfish actions of one dumbass. Management will drag us all in one by one for individual meetings eventually no matter how much I try to fade into the background. My good friend is also being falsely accused of the wrong-doing and I certainly do not want to see them fired. Ugh.


Here's the silly part: snitch and you lose peer respect (even my good friend doesn't want to tell), don't tell and all nine of us in our department may lose our jobs. I just started this new job and I can't afford to lose it now.


Is being a rat really that bad? This isn't prison. Why is it so bad to do the right thing?

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