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Dry your eyes, it's just goodbyes.


I'm trying hard not to make this overly dramatic.  I'm not even going to spell out my exact reasons why.  I'm just giving everyone who cares to read this what they deserve for taking the time to listen over the last seven years.  And to those who have read my posted thoughts, and those who are reading them now: I cannot thank you enough.  You've all been wonderful.

I'm leaving Destructoid.  For good.

I won't get into the reasons why - not here, at least - but there have been events that have taken place which have caused me to lose significant amounts of real, irreplaceable faith in Destructoid.  I have been feeling this coming for quite some time, and even though I've spent large amounts of time and energy becoming the change I wished to see, the only changes that have been positive have been a long-overdue Cblog editor overhaul.  Every other change has served to make me feel more marginalized and less integral to the lifeblood of the site, a place I've made my primary internet home for seven years.  A place that used to be defined by its community, moreso than any other.  But things aren't that way anymore, and it's time for me to find somewhere else to be.

My follower list is packed with the names of people who no longer come here, and it's now my turn to join them.  I suspect they left for very similar reasons, but I just held on longer for some odd reason.  I left the Cblogs, then the FP, and now, I'm even abandoning the Forums.  As I said before, I won't get into the specific reasons why, but one look at my recently-revived Twitter account and the things I've been writing for Digital Confederacy do a very good job in pointing out where my reasoning lies.  I urge you to catch up with me on either of those avenues, because while I don't personally know everyone who ever joined a comment conversation (and even though I know that I can come off as being a little spiky at times), I can't bear to leave without letting everyone know where they can find me - that's how much I love the Destructoid community.

This place has given me lifelong friends, an abundance of stories and a lot of cool things to talk about.  But all good things must come to an end, and I feel that I've stuck around long after the actual book has closed.  For all those who want to take a look at my body of work, feel free to browse my Cblog entries here, my work on the Community Interviews, and even my naked baby photos as OhJAM.

And staff: don't think this is a cry for "delete my shit" attention.  I want my legacy to stay here, because I was proud of the things I wrote here and my time spent here.

Radio Dtoid (Communitoid) Appearance: http://communitoid.libsyn.com/radio-d-039-kenny-logginss-purple-fox-lazer-nipples
Also, Dtoid Forums:http://forum.destructoid.com/member.php?49952-Everyday-Legend

You can also find me here:
Steam: Everyday Legend
PSN: Everyday_Legend
Twitter: @Everyday_Legend

And finally, you can find me at Digital Confederacy, where I still write and get into rather pointless arguments.  I don't want to plug another site as it's rather awkward, but that is where I'll be, so there it is.


I'd like to take the time to say "Thank You" to a few special people:
Char Aznable
Zombie Platypus
Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon
Occams Electric Toothbrush
Luna Sy
Cornflake Justice
Corduroy Turtle
Red Motherfucking Morgan
The Defenestrator
Darren Nakamura - First rule of any wolf game, kill Dexter345
pk fire
Gorilla Gravy
Mr Funsockz
Polite Gentleman
ChillyBilly, hope IL ain't freezing yer balls off
Isay Isay

And most of all: Mr. Andy Dixon - you're the best, no hyperbole.  You always made someone feel welcome when the atmosphere was grim, and you have always been the kindest soul on the site, bar none.  Now put your pants back on.

Alright, I'll just stop.  There's been a lot of you fuckers I came to know and love.  Don't you forget about me, because I ain't forgetting about you.  Don't.  Don't.  Don't.  Don't.

See you, Space Cowboys. <3

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