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Making some progress with my videogame writing


Hello fellow Dtoiders,

If you remember my last post here on the Cblogs, you know that I have become a videogame writer. Since I started out in this very community, I occasionally come back to you in order to tell you about the game I help creating. Since my first post, “Ralin – Dwarf Wars” has come a long way – not only in terms of story! Let me show you a video that shows, how the game has evolved these last six months. Please keep in mind, that the recording software darkens the image more, that it actually is.

I don't know about you, but I am fairly impressed by what I'm seeing here, at least for an early alpha version. We are now getting close to releasing a first demo and getting the game on Steam Greenlight. Of course, these are only the very first steps and we are still considering in which direction we are going to take the game in terms of publishing it.

Now, working on this has been a lot of fun. Sure, I had the drop several elements I had created for the game, but the Setting and the overall plot have now been decided on. We have a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, in which the different fantasy races struggle to survive underground inside the dwarven kingdom. A relic that is rumored to be able to fix the situation is stolen and the dwarves try to get it back. While this plot seems a bit simple, we're relying more on the setting and mood to deliver narrative than a huge, complex plot with many side-characters, which would slow the pace of the game down.

The game is going to be like “Diablo” only with a hardcore mode engaged by default. This means it plays even more like a rogue-like. While the basic concept so far is very clear, the minute details are still hashed out. For more Art, videos and background information, you can check out the indiedb page for the game or visit the studio, Ogardonix, on Facebook.

We're very thankful for any kind of feedback!

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