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Vita, My Sweet Vita


How I love this little handheld. It packs a real whollop in power, having some truly spectacular looking/performing games. Has the nice little second analog nub already built in, and since I have an original model (Got it on day one, baby!) that OLED screen is an absolute thing of utter beauty.

But what REALLY makes me love the Vita is the plethora of niche Japanese games on it. As an oldschool gamer, most of my favorite games were Japanese developed. Something you see less and less these days. But not just this, but some of the batshit crazy Japanese stuff that you otherwise probably wouldn't see in the US. Stuff like Akiba's Strip and Danganronpa.

This is THE machine for niche Japanese games, a damned good one for RPGs too! Hell it has Persona 4 Golden, as an RPG fan that's hard to argue with.

I decided to write this blog though because Tuesday I purchased Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus and it's SO damn fun! Yes, ok...as we have established here in my previous blog entry, I'm a fan of women and their mammory glands...ok, I know. BUT the game is seriously fun, absolutely ridiculous and has a ton of stuff to do in it. I missed out on the original US released game in the series on the 3DS, mostly because I'm big into buying physical games and it was digital only... I'll buy digital too, but the Let's Get Physical edition of this one was too good to pass up. (And it is, it's a fantastic package for the price.)

On that note there've been a pretty good chunk of nice physical release packages for the Vita too. I'm a sucker for nice limited editions that aren't outrageously priced, especially for niche games.

And of course there are the other features, the remote play with PS4, which I admit as an owner of both I really haven't done much. And just like the PSP, it's a great way to play my PS1 classics. Not to mention I can still play digital PSP games, which I have a few of.

There's nothing here most any Vita owner doesn't know, I know, but I just felt like praising my favorite little handheld. I love my Vita!

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